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and he'd vomit if he ate more that his was caused by adhesions from his original surgery narrowing a portion of his intestine so his enzymes weren't getting where they were supposed to get to. So his issues were mechanical in nature once they figured it out. -
Mom dealing with heavy GI issues. Drs don't have a clue. How did u find out about the adhesions? Thanks

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It was a gradual issue. He'd have vomiting issues, usually in the car, after eating. Once he ate a happy meal at 11 am. Hours later 6 pm, he started vomiting in the car. It was chewed up, undigested pickles and fries. Still it happened sporadically. He still stooled, but was starting to slide weight wise. Think he survived on carnation instant breakfast, juice, peanuts and Hershey bars. Whatever could slip thru the cracks. He finally got what we thought was the stomach flu, kept vomiting, still stooling, albeit was always fairly loose, orange and oily. Then stopped stooling after 12 hours, said his stomach hurt. Took him in to the er for fluids, us & X-rays showed blockage. When the surgeon visited afterwards, he said it was as if he'd never had enzymes. Apparently adhesions prevented them from getting where they needed to be.


My son has never had adhesions, he is PI with constipation/diarrheas/abdominal pain at times. We probably should use Miralax here and there and we'll discuss that on his next doctor appointment. What I found is that Align works best for constipation, Culturelle on the other hand tends to make him constipated. He is 4 and we give him a gelcap of Align every day now (it helps me as well when I have mild constipation). And when he eats a lot of pears, that helps him being less constipated as well, he gets one pear a day. We also recently added carbonated water, it's known to help digestion for anyone. Getting "good" stools is such a hard balance!

Good luck with your daughter!!


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Hi, i've never heard of Align. I can speak to the GI dr and see what she says. I am at a point where I am ready to try many things. Someone just told me about castor oil, have you tried it? I can try pears too and see what happens. As you say the right balance is the key! But so hard to achieve.