Good battery powered Compressor


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Suggestions? Is the Pari Trek good? Looks very affordable.....Any other with longer battery power? The trek last one hour.


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I think it is good enough to run Albuterol and Hypersal, but not powerful enough to use for Pulmozyme or antibiotics. We don't use the battery power, just use it plugged into the "cigarette lighter".


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Interesting. So does it come with an attachment to let you plug it in to your car? My daughter is heading to those teenage years...Really trying to find a way to lighten the load and make her life easier.


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I looked into the trek years ago when ds was a baby and was told by someone at Pari that the Trek didn't have enough psi for tobi. And I have heard from some that treatments seem to take longer with the trek. When we had a pari proneb and it wore out, tobi took 45 minutes...

I have used a pari vios and proneb ultra in the car with a cigarette lighter adapter and our Jeep and VW Jetta both have regular plug ins. You can also have your vehicle hardwired with a power inverter to run a vest. We've hooked one to the batter of our car (not hardwired) and had ds vest in the parking lot of a campground when he went camping with daycare. Short notice, so we haven't had it professionally/permantly installed. Needs to be hardwired though, if you try plugging in a vest with a cigarette lighter or plugins that come with new cars, you're going to blow a fuse. Couple friends have tried this on trips to the City for CF appointments. Noexcuses blog has some hints, info on vesting/nebbing on the fly. Think she used an E-Flow, which was acceptable for tobi and pulmozyme.


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I have the Pari trek, and for the price it's great. Treatments don't really take longer in my experience (but my at-home compressor is getting kind of old). It overheats fast, so sometimes it can be hard to do a full set of treatments. It's usually good for 20 or so minutes and then it will need a break. Haven't used the battery, but it works great in the car. I was also able to take the trek to Europe without needing a converter, just a normal plug adapter was enough, so that was nice. It definitely wouldn't replace my usual compressor, but it's great for trips or doing treatments in the car.


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I have a Trek S, I didn't even realize it had the battery option. Maybe it was something extra I didn't get. It works great for travel. I use it when I visit my mom's house for the afternoon or go out of town and use it in a hotel. It takes a little longer than my Vios (15 minute albuterol vs. 10), but it gets the job done.


I used the trek until I got the eflow system. Total life changer: with a fresh handset, the eflow makes albuterol and hypersal take a fraction of the time. I can't imagine using any other compressor now - and the eflow can operate on 4 AA batteries, super light and portable.

Technically it isn't approved for use with anything but cayston - but it works fine for me.


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Buy an inverter and run your home nebulizer in the car. Don't skimp on the Wattage - go with 1000W+ or else it will wheeze more than you.

I also have a Trek Sport which I use in a pinch though it can overheat. Not designed for prolonged use.


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I agree with Chipper. We have an inverter in the car and have a regular nebulizer that runs just like at home.