Good Probiotic?

Brandon Justice

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I use Plexus Pro Bio. It's the best probiotic for combatting thrush and keeping my gut healthy that I've found. Anyone have suggestions?


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I go yogurt nuts when on antibiotics. I don't tend to get thrush but I do end up with a yeast infection (I've got a foreskin). Gut wise I end up a bit off but nothing that sends me back to the Dr office.


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Hail2Pitt, the Vitacost one looks great, but for those just starting on probiotics, how many should you start with and what's the ramp up to 3x a day?


I've been taking it for years, and unfortunately don't remember exactly how I ramped up...

I currently take it 2x per day - once in the morning, once in the evening. I don't think I've ever actually needed to take it 3x per day, but maybe you'll find that you need to. Definitely start slow - take it 1x per day, maybe see how you do for a week or so, then go up to 2x per day if needed.