Gross, embarrassing things that come with CF!


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Hey guys! I’m working on a book about CF coming from anangle most know none about! But I need some help. I need some more ideas on thegross, maybe embarrassing moments or things that come along with this difficultdisease! Anything at all, please post a comment. This way you can stay anonymousand won’t have to tell extremely embarrassing things about yourself tostrangers. I of coarse will give credit for all those who contribute to mywork!!! Thanks all!!!




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Maybe itwould help if I started! 1. I have a feeding tube and the s*** that comes outaround the skin whole is so nasty n gooie n stinks....then to top it off itstains any freaking peice of clothing in wearing!!


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2. When Im in the hospital being pumped full of liquids and Im on my daily mirlax my s*** is legit water!!! Its nasty and guess what, stains my I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to me messing in my freaking pants. Like talk about ewwwwww! Then I gotta get up and clean off and change cloths! I cant even fart bc I dont know if crap is gonna come out or if its gonna just be air!


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Coughing spasms that come before you realize you are having one and sputum goes everywhere....have had this happen a few times, it's so embarassing.


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I have 2 strains of P.A. and Achromobacter so every time I cough it smell like fart. When I have an exacerbation my breath constantly smells of pooh. Fun.

One time in high school I was hanging out with some buddies and my J-tube just randomly feel out of my stomach. My friends weren't too grossed out by that, but then I picked it up, washed it, and put it back in my stomach. My one buddy turned green.

Not to long ago I had a huge coughing spell while driving on the highway and my mouth was full of mucus. I rolled down the window to spit but did not have enough wind in my lungs to get it all out. I painted the side of my car! Of course it was summer and by the time I got home it was all baked on my car. Took 2 weeks to finally get it all of after multiple car washes and scrubbing.


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When I first got the g-tube, I had the one with the permanent extension that had to be clamped and taped to the body. On my first day in high school, the clamp somehow came undone and I had formula/stomach acid all over my brand new jeans. Thankfully only one other person saw it.

I am also victim to the random coughing fits and mucus everywhere. It once happened in my sleep, and I woke up with dried mucus on my comforter.


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Yeah surprise projectile mucus is a good one.
There's the cleaning-out-the-mucus-cup-at-the-end-of-the-day-or-whatever-you-put-your-mucus-in moment. Some days it get's stuck in there even after flushing with water and then this long strand is hovering and there's nothing to do but wait for it to drop in a moment of total silence and suspense.
Have this theory that my mucus is mostly harmless one by one but together forms a supermucus that forms evil plots. It doesn't want to leave the cup because after it's left the bowl what harm can it do? But it keeps me awake at night that it all goes the place after flushing and then one day..

megan420 said:
I cant even fart bc I dont know if crap is gonna come out or if its gonna just be air!

Le olde Russian roulette!


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Most of my CF embarrassment comes when I've had to use a public restroom. Many of us got into toilet overflows, clearing a restroom with gas warefare or worse the whole restaurant or such but my worst hit last year with pleural effusion. Otherwise looking and acting fine, an ahem, tickle or cough caused an instant of intense pain. I couldn't control splaying out in a rigid body spasm for a second or two causing me to fit badly in my restaurant chair and sometimes fall off it.
Coughing so hard that you puke at times. Once happened at Thanksgiving dinner. Ugh, so embarrassing. I usually have warning before it comes up but not that time.


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So many things-
1. Laughing so hard it turns into a cough attack.
2. Peeing from coughing so hard.
3. Clogging toilets.
4. Farting/stinky poop. I don't always own up to the farts :) When I was little my moms best friend would tell her daughter in Chinese, " She made a stinky poo poo again".


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I had a G Tube for 11 years, the drainage was horrible and would turn my light colored clothes yellow. Changing i would often have food leak through the whole. The gas is a major problem, i swear sometimes it smells like dead animal. and sometimes you may think you have to pass gas and then you leak back there, i've done that some and i've cried about it alot. I wear pads all the time, two for the front and the back bc when i cough or go into coughing fits i pee. Choking and spitting food everywhere because a sudden cough. or when you cough you not only blow spit but might blow out mucus and then i am having to explain why theres a large HOOGIE!! A lot of the things has made me cry because no one else understands it and i have been made fun of and joked about, its pretty bad.


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Definitely clogging the toilets.....I have done this so many times and at so many places. One time, it happened at a restaurant...It was a single bathroom, no stalls, so it was pretty obvious to the next person waiting who the offender was. I jammed that toilet up, it was hopeless trying to dislodge it...I must have flushed it 20 times, no lie and still it would not go down. It got stuck, but not completely obstructing the pipe. There was just enough room for water to pass around it, so there was no flooding but the damn thing just would not budge despite using the plunger. It really was embarrassing. I walked out of there quickly, with my head lowered so that lady next in line could not see my face and recognize me. But, to my horror, the very same lady was seated just a booth away from me. Of course she knew it was me...who else wears oxygen and has a trach? lol....I scarfed my food down and got out of there as fast as I could, all the while praying that I would never run into the same people again.
I could tell a million CF moments...coughing so hard that I peed my pants (I now wear a pad to protect my undies), spraying sputum, breaking toxic wind, ah the joys of it all!

Jenn 41 wCF


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I can see why many things would be an embarrassment to you. Like you I do spend time at my computer. I come here to get and give information. After 72 years I thought it would be good to check out my family tree so I spend time on Retirement has been good to me.

Unlike you, I attended college and got a real degree, a BS in Industrial Management, oh I got an associates degree along the way but I didn't "graduate from college" until I got my BS. Champ, can you spell MBA?

I worked in Industry for more than 30 years (longer than you have been alive) before starting my business. At age 70 I retired. Now I can stay home. I don't need to go to the office when I was in so much pancreatitis pain it was impossible to stand up straight.

In some ways I envy you, laying around on your Mother's couch, collecting welfare and eating bon-bons. No payroll to meet. No customers to chase for outstanding accounts receivables and certainly no heavy lifting. While your life is a waste and you need some small amount of self-pride into your sorry existence feel free to attack me. I'm just glad to be able to help you.



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Actually Bill, I have an Associates Degree in Information Systems, and am currently enrolled at a private university here in Virginia working on a BS degree in Management and Organizational Development, would you like to see my acceptance letter? Before my CF, which is not mild, forced me to retire, I worked for the USDA for almost 5 years. I do not sit on my mother's couch. I OWN my home. If you don't believe me, google "Staunton, VA GIS" and look me up, Matthew Lail. I also volunteer at my local food bank and started a website, to help other CF patients. So, I am far from sitting on a couch all day, my CF requires a significant amount of treatments and exercise, which I now have the time to do, I too also haveCFRD which you can relate to the time required in managing that. The days I feel well I still enjoy my favorite hobbies, horse back riding and travel. I placed 7th in the world championship for my breed in 2011 sorry existence huh? And if I can maintain my health will be joining my friends in a trip to Jaimaica in June, real sorry, huh? Since may I've been hospitalized 5 times and had sinus surgery, I work my ass off taking care of myself. While I can't meet the demands of a 40 hour week job, I am still "doing"....when I can and what I can.

I called you on a BS/rude post you made and ever since that you've made it a point to make some smart ass comment every time I post here. You can dish it but can't take it. I visit here twice a day, when I do my treatments, I don't "live" here.

I do not receive any government assistance, other than my SS, which I've PAID.

Thanks for your concern.

I figured you were crazy uncle does that too.