Gurgling/bubbles back of throat


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When I lay down at night on my back from time to time get what I would describe as gurgling or fizzing or popping noises in the back of my throat. It sounds like something popping or bubbling. I imagine this description will only make sense to people that it happens to.

Do most people associate this with GERD or post-nasal drip or neither? I'm already on Omezaprole so I'm wondering if it is GERD what else I could do.

It is a nuisance and causes me to not be able to fall asleep at night so I'd love to get an idea of what it is. Thanks!


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I've always heard it associated with noises coming from down in the lungs. It sounds like the poprocks candy if you are familiar with that or similar but not quite the same as put your ear to a can of soda and listen to it fizz. Its not uncommon with cf patients, try albuterol, xopenex, or other bronchodialator in line with the way its perscribed to you to see if you can get it to clear long enough to get to sleep.