Has Anyone Tried Whole30 Diet to Fight Inflammation (not to lose weight)


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I've been reading about the Whole30 diet/approach to eating (http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/ and in the book, "It Starts With Food") and could not find a thread on this forum. Whether based on food sensitivities, overactive immune systems, etc., inflammation is a true enemy for the general population for sure and certainly for CFers. Adopting their recommended nutritional approach would be extremely difficult, but what I'm reading hits home regarding fighting systemic inflammation--a key problem in CF. Of course there are loads of testimonials from people with serious disease (not CF) who saw incredible improvement on their 30-day challenge, but every diet book ALWAYS has compelling testimonials. It sells books and products, right.

My concern for my two CFers is with their nutrient absorption and weight GAIN, not loss. For my DDs' entire lives, they've been encouraged by their CF team to eat, eat, EAT calorie-rich foods regardless of where the calories came from. This has always made me feel uncomfortable (the amount of processed food they eat), but I was consistently reassured it was fine. I don't think it's fine!!!! My younger DD, 15yo, has been on tube feedings overnight for 7 years to get an additional 1000+ calories (towards 3,000 calorie daily goal). Our insurance this year stopped covering enteral feeding and I'm left with how to make up the calories when there's only so much food one can comfortably eat. DD lost 3 pounds in the 3 months she hasn't been doing the feeds. She got a nissen fundoplication 7 years ago and has since had an issue with the volume of food she can eat and gets queasy easily :( Now how to make up calories without loading her up with JUNK!!

Would love to hear what you all have to say!


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there are a fair amount of people here that go with the gluten-free thing (see a thread just above yours in the forum posted by Lance2020 about gluten free), paleo type diet, weston a price, etc. if you search around you'll find some threads about similar whole 30 type eating styles. I"m not sure if the gluten free foods themselves are all that great because they just switch out other weird processed ingredients to make up for the missing gluten and not have that food taste terrible or be as dense as a brick. best to stick with REAL FOOD. I personally do an 80/20 paleo (80 paleo/20 some rice, dairy, and some cheat meals) and have fallen off the band wagon over the last few weeks and my digestion has been all out of whack, i'm tired and more lethargic for no apparent reason, not sleeping well. i can totally tell a difference when i eat well vs. the old way i ate (i.e. pasta/bread/carb, fewer veggies, lots of sugar). calorically speaking things like avocados, whole eggs, butter, coconut oils, nuts all have a lot of fat/calories and can help with the weight gain thing. I have a friend with CF (sadly he's not on this forum because he could definitely contribute a lot to this particular question) but he controls his CFRD completely with a strict paleo diet and weight gain was an issue for him. there are definitely ways to do it but you have to be more creative than before when you could just buy a bag of chips/crap processed food.


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Thanks Jaimers for the testimonial. The whole30's a paleo offshoot. Perhaps I could try paleo without the whole30 restrictions first for a couple of months to get things rolling. My DDs are also on the cusp of CFRD based on glucose tolerance tests. The CF doc says it's not a matter of if, but when, and there's nothing we can do to hold it off. Sounds like we might be able to based on your friend's experience.


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Hey there. I have been eating Paleo/GAPS for more than a year now with great results. My website is dedicated to the science and research behind how eating a whole-foods Paleo-esque diet is critical for CFers. Don't listen to the docs, they know close to nothing about nutrition. I just wrote a post about weight gain while eating a whole foods diet... check it out.