Himalayan Salt Inhaler


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Hey fellow CFers,

I was wondering if anyone has heard of the Himalayan Salt Inhaler? Dr. Oz had it marked as one of the best new products. I was curious to know if anyone with CF has used it and if so, how did you like it/did it help you? This inhaler seems like it would be beneficial, of course, I will continuing my current medications. The Himalayan Salt Inhaler would not replace other medications that the doctors prescribe. Below is a link for the inhaler :)


Thank you for your help and feedback!
- Amber


Unless it has something to do with the salt, not sure how much better it could be then the hypertonic I take.


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I do a hypertonic breathing treatment as well and wasn't sure how different the Himalayan salt inhaler was from what I am currently doing. There has been discussions on the quality of Himalayan salt, but I am hesitant b/c I don't know how true it all is. I'm going to ask my doctor, I wanted personal opinions from people who have CF and not just the opinion of my doctor (even though my doctor is great!) Thanks for replying Gorf! :)


one advantage I could see is that it doesn't require a prescription.


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I read the information on the link provided. A solution of Hypersal is going to deliver salt ions in a concerntration well beyond slowly evaporating salts. Sea salts, and nearly every grain of salt on earth is sea salt, are crystals of salt and water. Salt disolved in water becomes completely ionized so the delivery by nebulizing any salt soltion is far superior. Whatever might be unique in Himalayan salt isn't being advertised and that always concerns me. Just guessing from the picture of the salt crystals, possibly iodine or bromine is adding the redish streaks to the salt, neither is helpful for CF. I don't see anything harmful in the device and the Himilayan salt. Possibly CFers who don't quite need Hypersal or with sinus and other ENT problems where they won't tolerate salt solutions can find this useful.

Hope that helps.



If you haven’t already seen what happens when the water evaporates form a few drops of 7% Hypertonic Saline that is left on a surface, try it. You may be surprised at just how much salt you are inhaling during each 4 or 5 mL treatment.

Besides the “chemistry analysis” provided above by LittleLab4CF, I doubt the Himalayan Salt Inhaler provides anywhere near that amount of saline.

NOTE: This is why I use a filter on the nebulizer and exhale the Hypertonic Saline through my nose. It greatly reduces the amount of “salt” escaping into the air that settles on room surfaces, as well as getting some of the saline into my sinuses.