Hospitalized belated Valentine's Day - need romantic hospital ideas



Hi all,

My girlfriend (CFer, 31) had to be taken to the hospital at 12am on Valentine's Day morning. At 5am, she was transported via helicopter to a different hospital 2 hours away. Needless to say, she was really bummed as it was going to be our first Valentine's Day as a couple (we've been officially courting since April). Her health has improved since then and she is on her way to a full recovery.

Even though we missed the official day, I'd still like to give her a special and romantic Valentine's Day (in the hospital). I am planning on going down to see her in three days when I am done with work. I was hoping to ask you wonderful folks for some tips on how to have a romantic date at a hospital.

My ideas so far:
-Cook dinner ahead of time and try to keep it warm in insulated containers for the 2 hour drive (or) get dinner at a restaurant near the hospital and bring it inside.
-Play a movie on my laptop with my small external speakers.
-Dress fancy.
-Bring her chocolates or flowers or something creative.

Can any of you think of ways in which to incorporate the hospital and its amenities for the evening? I'm hoping to find a fun way of making it romantic and special while still having fun with the fact that we're in a hospital. Any and all advice helps!




OMG I absolutely LOVE this! I have CF and this would be my dream scenario. I think you should do ALL OF IT . Hats off to you for being a fantastic boyfriend!!!! Sounds like she's a lucky gal :)
Decorate her room with hearts. Bring card games to play. Buy little presents and tell her to open one a day. Bring something she can make like needle point or something like that. I know there are kits where you can paint a little mobile. Bring colors and a coloring book or word puzzles or sudoku puzzles. I'm sure anything you choose to do is great! Let us know how it worked put!


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You sound wonderful.
I was in the hospital for my birthday. My friends brought food and we went to the cafeteria and took it over; it was about 7 PM and was empty. We then walked around the hospital and they decorated my room with steamers. Could you bring some nice stuff to decorate her room? And maybe leave the room and set up dinner somewhere in the hospital and have her meet you?