Hot yoga!


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So I'm thinking of starting hot yoga and just looking for some feedback on it :) ino yogas suppose to be brilliant but I'm unsure whether doing the hot yoga (it's in a hot room of about 37 degrees) will be good for cf or not with germs etc Have any of you experienced it and what did you think? Thanks so much :)

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I have done it a lot. I can't imagine you are really any more susceptible to germs than in any other enclosed environment where you and others are exerting yourselves. I hear that your immune system is a little compromised while working out fairly strenuously.
It will likely mess with your electrolytes a TON. It did mine and I often felt constantly "off", but pretty good. It became too expensive and, in my opinion, the 90 minutes were better spent doing something very aerobically challenging, so I joined a gym for a lot less and more variation. I think drop in sessions of Yoga were over 10 bucks per session and a month of unlimited is about 100-120.
I miss it, but I don't think it was a winning strategy for this disease. If I can afford it later, I'll go once per week. The studio will tell you that once per week is not enough to achieve the maximum benefit, but I'll just ignore them. They are in it to make money after all.


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Hot Yoga, please tell me you're kidding? Outside of a sauna, why would anybody want to exert energy in a hot environment, especially a CFer. I see both problems as something we don't need. The body temperature environment is going to make it bug city and for me at least, I easily dehydrate and overheat. There are many types of popular yoga, "Power Yoga", a franchise around my neck of the woods has some real enthusiasts. I would keep looking.