How careful are you?


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I'm curious, are there any activities that you can't or won't take part in because of CF ? And what lengths do people go to to not pick up infections


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When I was a kid and healthy, there is not one thing I didn't do because of my CF. If my younger sister could do it (she's a carrier), I did it. Now that my health isn't as good, there are things I avoid, not out of fear, but because I'd rather avoid a coughing fit.

As for avoiding infections, I use common sense. I wash my hands with soap and water a couple times a day. I carry hand sanitizer for emergencies. I avoid contact with people who are clearly sick. I don't go overboard; I just exercise the same caution everyone should use.


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Thanks for your quick response. Would you mind telling me more? Like what are some of these things that you know will send you in into a coughing fit?


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I try and spend as little time outside when it's cold. The lower the temperature, the more I cough. I don't go on as long of bike rides now. I can't hike as much as I used to, or as far, unless I bring oxygen with me. Little things like that. For the most part, I still try and do anything I want to. Sometimes I just have to adjust how I do it.


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I no longer garden or handle soil to avoid MAC, as I already have a MAC infection and don't want to introduce any additional strains. The CF center suggested wearing a mask but I don't think it's worth the risk. I also no longer go on flights longer than 12 hours. The dehydration in the air only makes dehydrated airways even more mucus-plugged.


I avoid hand shaking (even doctors) and when it comes to doors, I grab the bottom (less used spot, look for where the wear on the handle is) with one finger. Door knobs, I use my shirt or coat over my hand. Yes, I'm a germophobe. I seldom use hand sanitizer though, after a while, I believe it doesn't help. I wash hands a lot with dial.


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I work very hard to keep my immune system strong. Other than that I just try to stay away from people who are obviously sick. I hate taking change from someone who has a runny nose and coughing everywhere. On the other hand there are times when I sound like one of those people that I try to stay away from.


We (hubby with cf) take precautions. Once cold and flu season starts we don't go to crowded events. No movie theaters, parties etc. if we do go to a party, we ask the host to notify us of any sick people coming and we bow out. Avoid the gym at crowded times of the day, and hand sanitizer and the asking hands all day. If we do encounter someone coughing or go to a crowded place, gargle with mouthwash and do the nasal irrigator as soon as we get home. I am a teacher and I change clothes as soon as I get home, or even stop at the gym to shower if one of my kiddos is sick.


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Movies and Live Theater are things that I had to give up. Gyms are peatry (sp) dishes, so I won't go there.



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I have never gone to extremes, but my wife is like a radar for sick people when we are out. So she helps me to avoid them. I do shake hands when we are out at events, but I am sure not to put my hands near my face after hand-shaking, until I can wash or sanitize them. We keep sanitizer in both cars. I too look for the lesser worn part of door handles. But I have not had a flu shot in 15 years, and have not had the flu once. I used the get the flu during the years that I got flu shots. Draw your own conclusions. The adult stem-cell treatments that I get have strengthened my immune system, so much so, that I have not caught a cold in 3 years. I avoid hospitals as much as possible. And I keep antibiotic usage to a minimum. I know sometimes antibiotics are necessary, but they seriously suppress the immune system. It seems that I used to catch cold right after tune-ups. Then I learned about Congaplex and Immuniplex from Standard Process. They help to boost the immune system. Years ago, I started a new plan. During the last few days of a tune-up, I would start taking Congaplex, and continue for about a week after ending the IV antibiotics. That was successful in ending the "cold" problem after every tune-up. And since my first stem cell treatment, I have not needed tune-ups anymore. You can read more about all this on my blog., then go to the archives by categories on the right hand side of the site.


I think the only things I'm really careful about are smoking (no more smoke-filled bars), staying away from sick people, and avoiding contact with other people with CF. Other than that, I live my life :)


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I get the flu vaccine.
I don't mix with other CF people (mainly cos I would infect them rather than the other way round)
I conciously try not to touch my mouth/nose/eyes after touching something I percieve to have a high chance of carrying the cold virus. Like after wiping my sons nose mostly.
Thats it.
I don't avoid people, places or things.
I get about one cold a year.
Haven't caught the flu since I started getting the flu shot, 23 years ago.
I did catch the flu 24 years ago. That was not enjoyable.


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DS has CF. We all get the flu vaccine. Avoid hot tubs. Use hand sanitizer after shopping, gymnastics, after church. Avoid hand to mouth/nose contact. Try to avoid sick people -- don't touch community magazines at the clinic, don't let ds play with community toys at the clinic. We keep ds away from other people wcf, which is one reason we stopped going to our local cf clinic -- small community waiting room, shared toys, shared EXAM rooms -- we were supposed to go room to room to meet with each specialist, not have the come to us in an exam room. Avoid smoke -- specifically smokers.