How many CFers are 55 and older??What is your age if you do not mind telling us? :))


There was a statment on a previous post regarding blood pressure medicaton and CF people at our age and CF geezers. When I was was younger, I thought 65 was old, now that I have obtained that age, does not seem that old now.
I was 12 when diagnosed with CF. Live in Ms. USA
Thank you for those that wish to join in.

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I am over 55, actually I'm 73 (74 in January) I was dx at age 47 but first symptoms at age 3 and first pancreatitis attack at age 8.

I'm in Massachusetts.



I'm 71, and will be 72 in December, G-d willing.

I've had lung and other problems since my early teens, but was not diagnosed with CF until the age of 62. My current FEV-1 is in the mid 40s - but fortunately I don't have any digestive issues.

The information provided on matches my profile for the mutations I have.


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Ok, did I actually coin CF geezer? Apologies to those who haven't noticed, or aren't geezers. Born 1950 Wyoming, 63 now and I was diagnosed at age 52 by salt chloride test, heterozygous S1235R. All original equipment.

Flight to Denver at 3 with pneumonia was the short story. Father diagnosed w/CF by autopsy, died age 48. Well, not exactly, the doctor summed the condition of his organs etc without a defined diagnosis, that was traced after my diagnosis. Lived my younger years in an oxygen/vapor tent off and on. I knew whatever had shortened my father's life was also my genetics but like my doctors, figured it was just some seriously annoying health issues.

I actually believed my father worked himself to death and that was to be my fate. He in fact was total PI and in a very short three months dropped beyond a recoverable weight, and was working the day before he died. As tragic as that sounds, he was an intimidating, brilliant and vibrant man right to the end.

My inherited characteristics seems to include that 110 volt system wired for 220. Brain without an off switch, whatever, I have truly been there, done that. The ultimate risk taking balls out livaholic/workaholic my work, my body of work and my very fortunate journey has been fantastic, unbelievably difficult and rewarding.

Not so much these days but I still have fun.



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Ok yesterday at clinic someone asked how old I was and replied 43. Not as old as you are asking about but nonetheless they said keep up the good work. Just thought I'd pass along that us 40+ are growing in numbers and now have a better shot with these new drugs coming out. Hang in there and stay well.


I was 50 and I am now 57 years young,I have digestive problems and lung issues,But try and get as much exercise as I can in


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I'm not 55, but can I play anyway? I turned 49 last May. God willing, I'll hit the big 5-0 next year. I was DX at birth, at Ft. Sam Houston, TX. I thank God my Dad was a Warrant Officer pilot. I think if he had not been in the Army when I was born, I wouldn't be alive today. I had the best medical care Uncle Sam could provide. Although I've been all over the country, I live in Arizona & have for almost all my life. Subtract the 7 years we were itinerant Army trash. I had to have a double-lung transplant at age 41. Mine, unfortunately, did not go as planned. I've had what seems to be unceasing complications since then. The latest is I was facing a liver TX yesterday. Thank God my TX Doc called today & told me the problem can be controlled with a new med. Anyway, that's my story & I'm sticking to it. Thanks for reading my rambling statement... 'Pat'.


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I am a certified 65.9 year old CF geezer. I about gave it up at 9 weeks with double pneumonia. My Mom was a trooper and got me out of it somehow (1947). My brother and sister both also had CF. I just had the gene test and doc didn't tell me what combo, just that I didn't qualify for the new genetically targeted med. My FEV 1 is now about 40 but I still exercise. I have a nice recumbent trike and I walk with my sweetest wife of 44 years.

I just restarted digestive enzymes after a 25 year pause. Not for weight issues but for increasing I can add cancer (high PSA) high blood pressure, and a bad low hernia (probably from years of coughing my brains into mush, did I mention short term memory) and other minor old folks health issues to my list of life's 'challenges'...Lol


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On this date (9-18) forty-five years ago, I was born with CF. When I was a kid in school, living past thirty seemed like an impossible dream, but here I am still chugging along. My lung function is only about 30% but I still get by okay, with limitations.


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Any women out there over 55? It seems like all the "old geezers" are men who have replied ;) it also seems like several were diagnosed later in life. Very interesting topic!


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There is a woman, who attends the same clinic that I do, who is a few months younger than I am. She is also 73.



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Hello Fellow Geezers, Your Geezerette finally has replied. I've been enjoying reading your stories, and finally will chime in. I am 62 in a few more weeks, a female. I am a DD508, so have lung and pancreas issues. FEV1 about 40%, PI, and last two years CFRD. I was misdiagnosed celiac at age 1, had pneumonias almost every winter my first 6 years, went into a coma for 3 days from dehydration from heat stroke at almost age two. And first intestinal blockage of more than I can count (DIOS) almost age 10. My mom was told I was too healthy to have CF when I was 5, but officially diagnosed at age 10. Her suspicions were vindicated. In those days, probably not too uncommon. Didn't do any treatments other than Viokase and Tetracycline til in my 20's, as they thought my main problem was pancreatic. Somehow my chronic bronchitis was no big deal, I still went strong. Besides the grace of God himself, I do credit my mother for her staying on top of any illness, making sure I got lots of sleep and I was very active, so swam, ran etc. a lot. In those early days I remember the average life span was 5 years old, and told I'd be lucky to live to be 30. In spite of all that, I am married, have a great son, and three grandkids. The youngest has CF. (Another story: Like I have to wear a mask to hold him, so I can be an unhappy/ yet grateful Granny). I actually worked as a medical microbiologist to my doc's concern, did lab work over all part time for over 20 years, taught junior high for a couple of years, and am working very part time editing our church bulletin. Full time gets me into trouble, (hemoptysis, etc), but I stay busy, though have slowed down a bit. Good to meet you fellow geezers and even the younger geezer crowd, as you are, I suppose "up there" in the CF world. Kathy


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I'm 57 and work full time driving truck cross-country. Lived a VERY active life up until the time I started driving truck about 20 years ago, then I let that go to drive day and night to make a living, and now I'm paying the price. After ending up in the hospital again a couple years ago I decided it was time to get back into shape. It's not the same when you are looking for times to exercise as opposed to just staying busy all the time but I am doing better. Now if I could just breathe again all would be great.


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I really like this post because I am always curious about older CF's and especially the age of diagnoses (and any other story that goes along). Very inspiring stories here! I will be 47 in 3 months and was diagnosed at the 3 months of age. I am doing pre-lung transplant testing this week and hope to be listed soon.


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Hi there, I am Joni 61 y/o .. I was dxd @ 44 y/o but was sick w/ cf symptoms starting at about the age of 16.. I was a skinny little girl & had some heath issues younger than that , but cf really started rearing its ugly head when I was 16.


I will be 51 in a few months. I'm always fascinated by the stories of people who were diagnosed late in life. I think I would have been one if not for my very sick brother and determined mother. She knew somthing was up with me too. I give her a lot of credit since it was the dark ages for this disease.


Hi. I am 52 years old and was diagnosed at age 50. For YEARS I kept telling doctors something was wrong with me. Was misdiagnosed, talked to in a dismissive manner and suffered. I pray the rest of my life will be as good as the first, now that I know what is wrong with me. Last FEV was 102% - higher than most non-CFers. Hope it stays that way. I credit that to: was a runner for 15 years, then power walker every day, never smoked or drank. I pray I can keep going like this for a LONG time.