How many CFers are 55 and older??What is your age if you do not mind telling us? :))


I am 67 years old, was diagnosed at age 64. Lost a sister to CF over 40 years ago. I always had lung problems, bronchitis, pneumonia even had scarlet fever. I was advised that I was likely a carrier with symptoms but sweat test never positive for CF. I got by with oral antibiotics and exercise for years. But was in bad shape a little over three years ago and finally go to an Adult CF Specialist. The diagnosis was a good thing and I feel better now with all the treatments than I had 10 years ago. My FEV is around 50%. I am pancreatic sufficient. DF508 and R117H.
Only recently retired after full career and consulting. Still very active: swimming, walking, golfing. Check out for a great documentary film on CF children and adults leading active lifestyles.


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I am 43 diagnosed at 41. I probably should have been diagnosed in my late 20's. Doctors fumbled me all over the place. FEV right now is in the upper 80s. It was 74 when I was diagnosed and it was about at that same mark just before I began treatment for MAC which was making me miserable. Since I began the MAC treatment 3 months ago I feel better than I have in a long time. I owe my improvement to my treatments, meds, running (a lot), and an unbelievable support system I have.


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I am not 55 but will be 51 coming up in Nov. I was misdiagnosed in Mexico city as having Celiac disease but officially diagnosed when I nearly died pregnant with my daughter. I have one grandson and an adopted granddaughter. I have seen a lot of miracles in my life, including that Im still alive. Have fought cocci, aspergillus and have had pseudomonas for 28yrs. They are wearing me out though. Because of the Federal bankruptcy in the USA I lost all my medical coverage for cf and hve been without care for years. I have gown down the drain fron not having proper meds indeed. But today I am moving to Northern California where I am trying to get into UC Davis CF care. I do heal and care for myself thru natural care too, all my life it has helped me. Jesus is Great Physician and indeed I am alive because I asked him since I was six years old to please help me live long. I have stayed away from most cf groups coz I used to get very depressed raeding. I have seen so many cfers die. The good news for me was when I found Christ and was born into a new hope, the hope of a life wihout cf and a new superb body. I found my new hope in Jesus and I have seen a lot of help. Even diabetes and cocci fungus eradicated. I hope that even if youa re ill with cf you don't lose hope in that there is another life , better and what why we are here 'tested' , and cf is our test. don't get discouraged bc when one has Jesus one has EXCELLENT FUTURE with no cf and a long be with a godly loving lord of peace and health. We won't be sick again .


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Interesting about the celiac issue. I am 43 but diagnosed with celiac before CF( At age 3). ONce they diagnosed CF then they disregarded the Celiac. Fast forward 33 years and Celiac diagnosis popped up.


I don't really belong here but I love this thread.

I am 31, diagnosed at just 5 weeks. My FEV1 is around 70%, I grow pseudomonas and recently had B.multivorans although have been clear of it for 3 months now.

I am 8 weeks pregnant with my second child, my oldest bring almost 10, and my main worry in life is not being around long enough to see this one grow up! But this thread gives me hope for the future...

Good health to all, keep fighting!


I'm 27!... It's not quite 55, but I'll take it :) And I have a long way to go as long as my pancreas holds up, my lungs are doing great from a CF standpoint.


I'll 'fess up. I'm 57. Diagnosed at 48, but like many others, issues since FEV is about 59. I've got two kids, one a home birth and the other a natural birth, and also have a grandchild. Worked in the corporate world 4 days a week until recently...tired of coughing up blood...and am much better since I quit. Lung function went up about 10 points.


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My mother has CF, diagnosed at 75, after always having been treated as an asthmatic. She got tested years after my now 16 year old was diagnosed at 1.5 yrs old. My mom is now 80 and the toll is showing more and more but still, she turned 80 this past June!


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WOW! 80 years with CF? Incredible!!!

Hi welshwitch! I just "spoke" to you about your recent incident at a wedding. I recommended the book SOSFor Emotions. Well, this 80 year old lady, is my mom! So you keep on "loving life and living every day to its fullest" because anything is possible!


Thank you, I will! Who knows, someday that 80 year old could be me!