How much do you sleep?


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I have been noticing that on nights when I sleep about 9 hours or more (no alarm) I usually have less energy the next day, and if I set an alarm and sleep less than 8 hours I feel more energetic the following day.

Do you notice this to be the case with you? Do you take naps?

I always assumed that we should sleep as much as our body asks, especially with cf because of all the extra energy our body needs for everything. However, the more I sleep, the more mucus my lungs accumulate, which can cause the feeling of fatigue the next day.

Note - I use O2 during sleep.



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My sleep kind of depends on my health. When I am feeling pretty good, pfts are good, I also feel tired if I get more than 8-ish hours of sleep a night. When I'm feeling good, that's all I need, and any more sleep just leaves me foggy. On the other hand, when I'm in the middle of an infection, I sleep as much as I can. I'd be tired on any amount of sleep, so I use any extra sleep time to help my body cope. Right now I'm in the middle: feeling pretty good, but an infection is right in the background. So I'm trying to get a little extra sleep, but not so much that I feel run down the next day.


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Assuming I don't have to be up for any reason the following day, then about 8.5-9 hours. Though there are those days where I force myself out of bed around that 9ish hour mark just because it's getting to be late in the day. There are also times when I could take a nap in the middle of the day even with all that sleep.

Maybe should note that I'm fairly low function and use oxygen when I sleep.


I have very bad sleep patterns I also use o2 at night have suffered with insomnia for yrs. I can't nap during the day, just cant I go to bed abt 10-11 and sometimes am still up 3 hrs. later usually coughing as I find the o2 moves the mucus so I am now at the pt, that I don't count the hrs if I am still up at 3am and don't get up till 11-12 noon so what no big deal I've tried a few different sleep aids but they only work short term then it's up late again, but I also feel since I am in bed resting my body that's a good thing. Pat-59/CF


I also sleep 9 hours when i feel crappy but when i feel good 7 to 8 hours and I feel great Yes i would have to say it often is how i feel if i am sick i might throw in a nap and then sleep 9 hours of more


I need 9 hours a night. Always have. If i get less, 7-8 hrs i feel it straight away. When sick even more. I'm not om 02.

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I don't really have a set sleep pattern. Well, other than I have to get up at around 3am because the kitty wants lovins....... that's ok, usually have to go pee then too. I guess I probably get 6 or 7 hours a night. Sometimes I end up taking a nap during the day too, that's usually on days when I have pulmonary rehab sessions. I'm not on oxygen.


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I'm in law school, so I'm CONSTANTLY sleep deprived, but if I can, I feel great and wake up easily with 9 hours of sleep a night. Anything else, I'm pretty tired. If I can, I'll sleep for 12-13 hours on the weekends, no problem. I need a LOT of sleep. When I'm sick or on IVs, I'll literally sleep 13-14 hours and then nap 3 hours later.