How to know Creon is helping


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I'm new to the board. My doctor suspects pancreatic insufficiency and I'm trying samples of Creon 36,000. So far I've been trying them two weeks and having mixed results.

Some days it feels like my energy is better and I'm making myself eat more fat and calories. However, somedays the constipation and energy is bad. I used to have frequent loose stools, but they stopped being bad after taking antibiotics earlier this year. Now I'm more constipated. But if I eat a lot of fat, the stools will be loose. I have a few questions that I would love to hear thoughts on:

  • How will I know if Creon is working?
    • Does the gas/bloating go away?
    • Will I stop seeing bits of undigested food in my bms?
  • Would it be good to try mixing the enzymes in applesauce if I'm unsure the pills are breaking down well?
  • Should I try a PPI even if I don't have heartburn or reflux?

I appreciate any advice! Thank you.


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Hi there,

If you are indeed PI the effects should be obvious enough..
Way less cramps, much less watery/oily stools, decent weightgain/need less food, feel better. I don't think bits of undigested food has much to do with taking Creon.
Experiment with how much you need because it sounds like you might be overdosing. Constipation can be a sign and 36.000 is a lot to start with anyway especially for smaller snacks.
Start with a 10-20.000 or so dose per meal depending on size. Then see if more is better but that doesn't have to be the case.

Just take it a little before or at the start of a meal and then maybe add more throughout the meal depending on size. Only needed when something contains fat and/or protein. Applesauce doesn't really require Creon and Creon doesn't require to be taken with applesauce.

I would not take a PPI if you aren't experiencing heartburn. Just to (slightly) improve the workings of Creon is not worth it Imho because PPI's aren't completely harmless.


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Thanks for your advice. I used to have more watery/oily stools but after taking Xifaxan and Flagyl antibiotics it's not as bad. I'm not 100% sure I'm PI, but I've had a hard time gaining weight and fatty foods seem to make things worse. Unfortunately the only samples of Creon I got were 36,000 per pill.


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When we finally got ds' GI issues figured out, he was a little confused because he wasn't stooling every time he used the restroom. He thought something was wrong. Stools were finally normal looking -- well formed, weren't orange, didn't break apart easily when the toilet flushed and didn't leave a greasy residue in the toilet along the water line. Depending upon your pancreatic sufficiency and the amount of fat you consume, you may need to play around with the amounts. Could be you need a different dosage.


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I just started on the enzymes and I've been on them a few weeks. I actually had the alternating constipation and loose bms before I was taking them. It's only when I eat a good bit of fat that I have loose bms, and sometimes diarrhea. Sorry for TMI... I'll have two or three trips to the bathroom if I eat a lot of fat.

The one thing I started noticing the last few weeks is my energy level being better. I went off Creon for the last few days and today I had to go to the bathroom twice and I've felt weak all day. I've got just enough samples to last a week, then I need to assess if the Creon is helping. I'll need to get patient assistance because my insurance won't cover it.

Can anyone tell me if they notice a difference in their energy when taking Creon? Since it helps to digest fats and protein, does that keep your blood sugar stable? I'm struggling to keep my weight up, and it won't budge from 129 lb. I'm 34 years old and 5' 10" btw.