How's the healthcare and coverage in Colorado?


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Hello everybody!

I've made the decision that (pending job opportunities) I'm shooting to move to Colorado around June of this year.

I want to go ahead and get started on the process of researching/taking the steps towards coverage (insurance, etc.), and I have no idea where to even start.

I'm currently in California, which (compared to Tennessee where I grew up) is a DREAM for healthcare coverage due to GHPP and the... err... shall we say more 'liberal' mindset towards insurance and coverage.

I plan on calling the Denver clinic in the next few days to get some advice. But does anyone here have experience with, advice about or can direct me to resources relating to Colorado healthcare, insurance and coverage for CFers?

Thanks so much!


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Thanks Jaimers! I called the local clinic but still haven't been able to reach anyone.
I did speak to the local CF chapter and they had some good advice.

The reason I posted here is that I want some information on the healthcare COVERAGE and Insurance (state insurance, etc.). I've heard left front and sideways about how great the healthcare is for CFers in Colorado, but I haven't heard anything about the healthcare COVERAGE, and from what I can see briefly scrolling through I don't see much info about the coverage in any of those topics.

I'll continue to try to get a hold of National Jewish in Denver for advice and direction.
In the meantime if anyone here lives in Colorado or has experience with resources for COVERAGE for CFers, I'd love the advice! Thanks!


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Hi there! Did you ever move to CO? Or find out any of these answers? My husband and I are thinking of moving to the Denver or Springs area for my health. I also have similar questions about healthcare costs. I do start Medicare in September. There seems to be more choices for supplemental plans and insurance plans in general in CO vs Texas where we live.


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I am curious about answers to this as well. We would love to have our daughter closer to National Jewish so she can get seen there full time. Right now that may mean trying to get her into a college out there. I am also working with our current CF clinic to fly her out there (we live in NV) to get her some help with her mycobacterium--as they are supposed to be wonderful for that specialty. All
I can tell you is that I spoke with a couple of nurses at Natl. Jewish, and they told me their adult care clinic is stellar. So I'm rooting for you!


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hey guys, what are you looking to know?

my name is Chris, 34yrs old, just moved from Denver to NC, been living in Denver the past 5 yrs. I went to National Jewish, know all the nurses, speak to them all still via text messages and email. Had private insurance out there and medicaid, also been admitted to St Joseph Hospital many times for CF Tuneups. I should be able to answer any questions you may have.