I need to talk to someone



Hi everyone*
Ive a 16 yr old daughter with cf , who is struggling to come to terms with her condition.
She has tried to end her life and self harm.
And to top thus off my partner has left me because he cant handle the stress , im crumbling inside my life is falling apart around me
Ive brought my daughter up on my own , ans also work fulltime*
Im physically and mentally exhausted


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Not sure what to say or advice to give,
but we're listening.

Maybe I could say that in puberty learning about and comming to terms with CF is pretty difficult so talk openly about CF with your daughter. People one can talk with about CF in all honesty and not just in positive light are pretty difficult to find but are very important and can take off a huge burden. Just to speak out the darkest thoughts and worries and ofcourse this goes for you too.


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Have you looked for some local support groups and parents in the same situation you are with teenagers with CF? It might help to talk to others that are going through similar life experiences. Maybe you can find some in this community. Where are you located?

PS. I am glad you found the forums. I have removed your blog entry. Welcome to the community! I hope you find what you are looking for here.


Thank you for your reply ,
My biggest fear is losing my daughter , if she doesn't start being pro active with her condition,
I've already list my first daughter at full term .
Im so frightened


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I was in the exact same place as your daughter. I still have bad days, but the good come more often. If your daughter would like to have someone to talk to, I would gladly talk with her.


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I am so very very sorry. A dearly loved closed family member suffered from severe depression and was suicidal and I couldn't function for months because of the worry. You truly must feel like everything is crumbling; and it must be even more unbearable having lost your other daughter. I am just so sorry and will keep you and your daughter in my prayers. Sending you a hug and wishing words could help lift you as you help your precious daughter.
I'm so sorry. We're out here. And depression can come with the CF territory--I've had it, and others I know have, too. Can your daughter's clinic have someone talk to her? Sometimes just a phone call from someone who has been through it can help. It gets better.


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If you are in the U.S. feel free to call my cell 615-973-8016. I will talk, listen and pray with you. If not in the U.S., maybe we can do FaceTime or Viber, or email: angelo@angelodistefano.com. I will add you and your daughter to my daily prayers. I am 53 living with CF.


Hello angelo thankyou so much for your kind words . Im in the uk
I will glady email you, thankyou