Impaired glucose tolerance & insulin


Hi everyone,
Has anyone out there started on insulin while still in the impaired glucose tolerance phase? I had my annual OGTT a few weeks ago and came out as IGT and we're now testing at home for a few weeks and I'm routinely seeing numbers in that IGT range. I also have started losing weight (unintentionally...) and in general over the last few months have had increased lung symptoms (asthma flaring up, increased cough) that are resolving, but much slower than usual. I've seen from my own research that there's a lot of debate about when to start insulin in CFRD - does anyone have experience with starting before they've crossed over the "official" diabetes threshold?


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A friend of mine's daughter was on insulin when she first started puberty to insure growth, deal with hormonal changes... She didn't necessarily have IGT, she did NOT of CFRD, but I believe her clinic had her on a small amount of insulin to help get over the stresses of puberty. She's no longer on insulin.

With DS his GTT has showing IGT and he sees an endocrinologist specializing in CF yearly. They do have him check blood sugar 2 hours after eating and fasting and randomly for a could of weeks at a time. His A1C is still within normal ranges, so they haven't recommended insulin yet.