Increasing Lung Function

Any tips on increasing lung function? I've had a 20% decline in the past month due to pneumonia and am trying to get mine back up, but it's not going very well.



I'm so sorry to hear that! I know it's terrifying to lose so much so quickly.

Some ideas...
I assume you already had/have had IV antibiotics and either are still on them or have stopped them for now?

Extra treatments - not sure how many times a day you're already doing airway clearance, but add 1 session.

Steroids are sometimes worth a try, though they usually don't help me much.

Exercise - start slow when coming back from such a big illness, but I like things that have impact like walking, running, jumping rope. Swimming is good too since you have to hold your breath. Some strength training of the core/upper body can also be really helpful both to rebuild strength you lost and to induce coughing.