Inhaled Tobi while pregnant?



So as Ive mentioned not long ago I had a drop in my PFTs and I was started on Keflex and it is my on month for Cayston so they used that combo to treat what they think is a brewing infection.
I just went back to the dr and my PFTs are up but only by 5%, andI have 10% to gain to be back to where they want me to be (75%)and they continued my Keflex for another week and also told me I should start doing Tobi on my off month of Cayston.
I am curious who has used Tobi while pregnant. In the past I have only used it when I was sick, which is probably while Im not very comfortable using it on a regular basis.
When I think Tobi all I can do it worry. I know the inhaled meds arent as concentrated as IV and im very certain that unless im on my death bed ( that might beover reacting a bit lol, butI just feel very strongly about the IV form)that I would not ok IV tobi. But I am faced with the tough choice of using the inhaled Tobi to help keep my bugs under control.
Ive got 2 weeks to decide, and my husband is pushing me to do it, which in so many ways is frustrating because I feel like he just hears what the doctors suggest, and Im not always for jumping at the first thing the doctors say to do just because they say so. They are trying to convince me by saying that they have used it on all of their other pregnant CF patients and have had no side effects on the children that they know of.
Blah, its just overwhelming to try and decide what is better for me and the baby and what risks are better to take to prevent a possible worse situation.


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I was on inhaled tobi throughout my whole pregnancy. One month on, one month off. I did my regular treatments of albueterol, hypertonic, pulmoxyme and tobi twice a day and zithromax (m/w/f) during my whole pregnancy. My son was born as healthy as can be and always has been and he wil be 3 years old in June. My husband and I joke around about him being super baby from all my medications I still used during pregnancy because he rarely gets sick and a only a mild cold at the most. Hope this helps at all.


I used inhaled Tobramycin (I say tabramycin because I nebulised the actual IV form) during my second trimester. I was too worried about potential side effects to my baby despite reasurrances from all the drs. I think it's natural to worry about your baby. I'm happy to say that our boy has perfect hearing and to date, appears perfectly healthy.

You also have to factor in the risks / benefits of the treatment and what they mean to you and your little one. If missing out on tobi (because of a theoretical risk) means that you will further drop your lung function and risk becoming more compromised then, you're potentially causing more harm to your baby then if you were to take the tobi and prevent further decline in health. Healthy mum = healthy bub


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This is my 2nd child and both times they told me I'm not allowed to do Tobi lnhaled. I do not do the iv form cuz I've lost so much hearing from it....has anyone had any real side effects.... Or heard anything. I've honestly been thinking this time around I might wanna try Tobi. 1st baby I was 20 and in such good health. Now I'm 32 and declined pft's so wanna get as much meds as I can... I do have cayston