IV antibiotics: Need advice


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Hey Franzie,
One other thought from what you said re the follow-up. Given that this a newish doctor for you, I wonder if his "bedside manner" is to kinda "think aloud." Our son's first GI an appointment threw out doing a scope if his tummy didn't improve. I was in panic mode worrying about the pros and cons, if it would improve, whether it made sense, blah blah blah. Next appointment I asked outright "why, would we do a scope" and his supervising doctor (he was a doctor but a fellow in the GI program) and she said the same thing. He was just throwing out ideas of various diagnostic stuff! So your doctor's M.O. might be to throw out possibilities that may or may not happen, without much thought, just kinda a verbal decisions tree, without realizing that to you it is "this is the next step, no questions asked." After learning our son's G.I. doctor's way, when he said something in future appointments I would follow up with why, and pros and cons discussion even if he wasn't saying to do it now, so I didn't end up leaving and overanalyzing and worrying for nothing.! Wondering if that might work with this new doctor too.