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Jesus was a carpenter and most likely ( or almost certainly) not formally trained in a way similar to the Pharisees, say, but he was no Hick either, Trapping the religious scholars in their words at every turn and teaching in the Temple even as a boy. He continuously quoted from the Old Testament in his ministry. This say's two things to me. 1. He was not illiterate 2. He placed great value in the reading and thorough knowledge of scriptures.
It would seem odd to me that the redeemer of all mankind should sit down, pen in hand and jot down His own autobiography setting out his deeds and teaching for the salvation of humanity. Jesus was the Doer. This is where it disappoints me to so often here statements like "Jesus was a great teacher" because behind those types of statements is the thinking that he was some kind of wise scribe who penned his sayings for the betterment of Humanity - this really doesn't begin to touch what he has accomplished for us.
I agree in part with clinging2faith's quote above, The Bible does say 'Faith with out works is dead' but there is another side to that coin.The disciples were there for a reason, they weren't groupies, but among other things appointed as observers and recorders of Christ's Life and work. So I'm thinking God did intend a text-based Christianity on some level. From the first century until they were gathered together with the advent of the printing press, the fragmented gospels and letters of the NT were concealed, copied and smuggled by believers in the early church, often at the cost of their lives, to be read aloud and studied at underground meetings. I think it would be frivolous of us to take lightly this precious gift that has been handed down to us. But more importantly, the Word itself so strewn with exhortations to read scripture I don't know where to begin, but for a start try James 1;25 or in the OT Deuteronomy 8;3
Possibly the single most profound discovery for me personally was to come to the realization that the entire Old Testament has its fulfillment in the appearance and work of Jesus on earth. All of it.