job implications from CF


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Hi, I'm currently in year 10 and for my biology assessment I am conducting my own research question on cystic fibrosis.
I was just wondering if cystic fibrosis has any implications on job opportunities or job choices.
Any response is very helpful.
Sorry if this question seems intrusive or such, thanks


I would say it does. We do have to watch as to what we are exposed to, like in hospitals or doctors offices where sick people are, so some jobs like that are not ones that are recommended for us. Other issues are finding jobs that we can keep due to frequent hospitalizations that leave us out of work for weeks at a time. Food service isn't recommended for us either, because who is going to want to eat food where the person who prepares it or serves it is coughing a lot. The jobs, in my opinion, that are the best for us are the ones where we have a flexible schedule or one where we can work from home. With making appointments and with the time length that it takes to do our medications, that in itself is a full time job. Some CF patients are able to have full times jobs, others are not depending on how severe our CF is and how it affects us. I do want to stress that no one has ever said that we cannot work in any field, but common sense just kind of makes the decision for us. Best of luck with your research!


Opinion only... Your mileage may vary... I ran into this type of question when I was about 19. I had worked in a couple of factories, dirty places with welding, glues, paint and such, and it didn't have a great impact on my health (it didn't hurt me either at the time.) I then worked for an ice cream delivery place. Climbing in and out of the refrigerated truck ended up giving me pneumonia, spent six weeks in the hospital. I then worked in an Operating room for 6 months, and then in med-surge/Emergency (all as 'orderlies', changing used linens, mopping floors, helping out.) That was ok. I then wanted to enlist in the Navy. They wouldn't take me, because of my CF. So, I ended up applying for assistance from the Government. They put me through some testing, and in my opinion, because I had worked in the hospitals, they suggested I work as a Dental assistant. I said, are you nuts, first time I cough into an open mouth, I'm history! They then said, the test show you can anything you want, what do you want to do? I said, Computers. Been in that business for over 30 years now.