Know of anyone with more than 2 kids?


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Thank you; that's what I assumed but wasn't sure. Neither of us have CF that I know of, but my mom had a positive/borderline sweat test a few months ago and has many symptoms of CF, although never tested genetically. My husband and I have no symptoms of it .


Thank you all for this thoughtful and insightful discussion. I have read through the whole thing this morning! I come from a family of 6, and I LOVED having so many siblings. I've always loved babies and as a kid I wanted a huge family. It wasn't until I was a teen that I learned about the risks for CF and parenthood. Since then, I've always felt that I would have 2 kids. My husband and I have planned on 2 kids, one biological and one adopted. In everything I've read, that 2nd CF pregnancy often seems so risky even if the first was fine, which is what led us to that decision.

However, I am on Kalydeco right now, which is a major potential game changer. It opens up the possibility of maybe having another kid down the road... MAYBE even another pregnancy, if I was doing really well and if I did well with my first. I have always felt heartbroken at the idea of a small family. Ideally, I think I'd like at least 4, but I suspect that probably won't be my lot in life.

Anyway, it's an issue I've thought about a LOT before, because I am so afraid that I will want another baby so bad after we are "done" that I won't be able to enjoy the children I've been blessed with. Reading all these perspectives on it has definitely given me food for thought.... thanks, ladies!
I was dx at age 37 and I'm now 47. I knew it was in my family since my nephew passed away over 20 years ago with CF. I went for genetic testing as well as my husband. He's not a carrier and my 2 girls 9 & 5 have absolutely no symptoms of CF however they will both be carriers. I have D508 and R711H mutations. I have 4 siblings in their 40's and 50's however have all declined going for testing. They don't want to know. I suspect that 2 of them have CF. One has sinus issues, lung infections all the time and she smokes :( The second has digestive issues that she calls collitis. Granted it may be that however I'm glad I've been diagnosed. Now when I have any issues with my lungs I call the adult CF clinic and they take care of me right away. If I was going to my regular dr. they wouldn't provide the same treatment. Wow - 4 Kids. Good for you. I wanted more. I had no issues conceiving (2 miscarriages). But I married at 36 and had my first at 38. I was always so tired in between pregnancies that when I had my second I was already 42. I grew up in a large family and LOVED it. Take care, :)