That is an awesome video. So well done and very inspiring.

I absolutely love the sports I do and credit them for improving my health. I can identify with the upward/virtuous cycle that the mountain biker/snowboarder talked about. Positive feelings of accomplishment and physiological changes from exercise bring you up and motivate you to take care of yourself, and then the more you do, the more you are motivated to do even more. Getting sick or losing ground can be frustrating, but I try to take a patient approach to it and not slip into an "all or nothing" mindset.

My doctors don't emphasize how important exercise is or praise me for working so hard at it--I'm not whining here, because the satisfaction I get from exercise IS enough to keep me going--but it was still great to hear the doctors in the video talk about how crucial exercise is. Ironically, I'm grateful to bronchiectasis for making me get back into sports. Would I rather not have it? Sure. But there is a silver lining in the dedication and skills I've developed.