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I contracted MAC/Aspergillus a couple years ago. I had three positive tests to in a row that confirmed I had them both. In the last year, I have now had 3-4 tests that showed no MAC and Aspergillus. Dos that mean that they went away on their own? I decided not to treat. My doctor said the last 3-4 tests have only showed staph. Have any of you had them go away on their own? I have felt better the last year compared to the prior year.
Dear Kmhbeauty: I have heard if you are allergic that it causes trouble but if not then not to worry. What I was told several years ago is that once you culture any bacteria even if you go on antibiotics and they disappear on the cultures that they really do not disappear as they are still in the mucus as to show up on the culture most likely indicates that they have colonized in the thick mucus. They said that sometimes when they do a culture it might not show up but that is most likely because it came from a different part of the lungs. From what I understand the antibiotics are to contain a lung infection or get it under control. I am glad it has not shown up on your cultures though as that indicates (from what I was told) that it is not in all the parts of the lungs. Our doctor tells us what cultures if it falls in the: few (rare), or many category. My sons are always few, or the least amount. I do not know what the middle category is called - sorry! He is doing very well and mostly loving life. You seem to be doing very well too - taking care of yourself, working hard, getting your bachelors and pushing forward. Keep up the good work!
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Thank you, for your help. I am doing well and happy to be almost done with my bachelors and on to the next round of schooling. I cant wait to have a career and not have to live pay check to pay check :)


KM I don't want to upset you but once you hv MAC you hv it forever. I grew it in the late 90's and we treated it aggressively for 6-8 mts with the same cocktail many hv mentioned on this site. my CF doctor said once you hv it you always will. But the most important think is to try to be well now, and not worry oh when is it gonna come back on my culture, we also always go according to how I am feeling, how my PFT are with this disease you get to know yr body really well, and know when something is brewing. So enjoy yr feeling good time, that is what matters most. Pat