Meeting more people with CF to help me through my life


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Hi, im Ellie and im 13. I have cf and i really want to get to know other people with cf so i can have help getting through my life. My hospital linked me up with a girl that also goes to the same hospital and we always talk to eachother on skype and we are best friends now. So i would love to get that close with more people, i mean the more people i can talk to, the easier my life will become!! (L) Anyway i know that some people wants the same as me so please comment!!


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Hi Ellie,

I'm Amber. I'm a bit older than you are. I'm 21 but I just wanted you to know that you can message me whenever you'd like. I hope you find others that would like to communicate with you. Hope all is well.

Hugs to you...


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Hi Amber,
Oh thankyou so much!! Well this week ive been off school with a cold, eventhough my cold went after a couple of days, but it affected my chest and thats why i was off for the rest of the week, i had a cough. Every time i get a cold it always affects my chest its so annoying, but i guess thats the thing about having cf! How are you if youre 21? Are you doing okay?
Hugs back to you.....<3