Moving to NY, looking for CF center for daughter


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I'm planning to move to NY, and looking for a CF center for my daughter, ideally either in NYC or Long Island. All suggestions, ideas, or experiences you've had with CF centers in the area are *greatly* appreciated!

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I can only speak about Adult CF Centers.

I would highly recommend the Adult Center at Columbia University, and Dr Emily DiMango! Although it’s not my primary center now, it was in the past and now is my backup. It’s located in Manhattan.

For convenience reasons, I currently use the LIJ Adult CF Center located on Long Island, and highly recommend that one too.
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This is a great tool by the CFF:
Once you select your filter criteria, you'll get a list of all care centers in the area. The names of the care centers are links (they're in black text so it's not obvious). It will allow you to compare each center based on patient lung function vs the national average. While not everything to base a decision on, it's a great place to start.