My experience inhaling ozone gas bubbled thru olive oil to eliminate lung infection


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I know this post will be controversial but of all the natural methods I have tried to eliminate a chronic low grade lung infection, this one has worked the best. For the past 3 months or so I have had a chronic low grade lung infection. First some background though. After being on TOBI for about 7 years, I went off it 4 months ago. I had read one of the side effects was fatigue, of which I had been suffering for about 6 years. As an experiment, I decided to go off TOBI to see how I would do. I found that my chronic levels of bacteria were definitely increased and that I coughed more. I used to get lung infections about 1-2x a year, and they would get worse very quickly. However, since I had gone off TOBI this time, I was receiving ozone autohemotherapy about once a week or every other week. I posted about this before, where 8 ounces of blood is drawn from you, injected with ozone gas, then infused back into you via an IV drip. Regardless of what people on the forum will say, this absolutely does work to kill pathogens, and each time I went my infection decreased afterwards. The problem was that my doctor charged about $200 per visit, and was about 1.5 hours away from me. I equate one of these procedures to taking cipro for 1 day (prior to resistance). Honestly, you would need to do this every day for at least 1 week to really eliminate the infection, but I just couldn't afford it or get enough time off.

So then I started experimenting with nebulizing various anti-microbial agents. The doctor I was seeing for chronic fatigue recommended nebulizing 3ml of food grade h202. If you do this I ideally recommended a premixed solution from a specialty pharmacy, but you can also make a 3 percent solution of H202 from 35% food grade H202 and distilled water. This definitely may be too harsh so try 1-2 percent. Also, I have put maybe 1/32 tsp of baking soda in the mixture to help bring the PH closer to 7. This definitely helped because my lungs were really irritated without doing this. However, this really didn't resolve the infection.

Next I tried nebulizing glutathione from Theranaturals again. A year ago, after cipro and levaquin both failed to cure a lung infection, glutathione cured it in 12 hours literally. I was taking 2 capsules, mixing them into 5ml (1tsp) of distilled water and nebulizing. I have probably done this hundreds of times now with no problems at all. However, when I tried it a few months ago, it only helped slightly.

One other mixture which definitely made a big improvement was nebulizing Lugol's iodine. I was using 1 drop of 2 percent Lugol's mixed with 5mL of distilled water. I didn't need baking soda mixed into the solution here, but I wouldn't do more than 1 drop because it will irritate your lungs.

Finally I tried bubbling ozone gas through organic olive oil. To do this I used an oxygen concentrator, oxygen fed ozone generator, a 20 micron diffuser (mine was stainless steel), a bottle with a lid and a holes drilled into the lid for the diffuser silicone tube and exit tube. Without a picture this sounds confusing. If nothing else just get a tall glass, fill it about 1/4 full of olive olive oil, buy some silicone tubing from promolife and connect the diffuser to the tubing. The diffuser it then set into the glass at the bottom. The other end of the tubing connects to the output of the ozone generator. The oxygen concentrator was set to 1 LPM. The oxygen is then fed into the ozone generator and converted to ozone gas. I would just breath the vapor for 5-10 minutes. Sorry for the confusion, but promolife sells medical ozone products and you can see some pictures of a similar setup.

After the ozone bubbled through the oil, I would place the exit tube in my mouth and breath in the vapor for about 5-10 minutes 2 times per day. Ozone gas by itself is very irritating to the lungs, but a chemical reaction occurs with the oil, both changing the oil and the resulting gas. The gas will smell like olive oil. So after a few days of inhaling this mixture, my infection finally cleared up.

I did this in order avoid IV antibiotics, which I believe are pretty disruptive to the system, though have definitely helped me in the past (at least in the short term). I would be interested to see if MRSA or B.Cepacia would respond to this.

Hope this may help some people.


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I'm all for alternative therapies that have basis but I'm very skeptical about what you are mentioning here. Ozone is a oxidizer and would oxidize the hemoglobin. The body would consider this a free radical and attack it only causing inflammation. The inhaling of hydrogen peroxide would cause major inflammation which is a major contributing factor to many cfers lung disease. We're wondering what reaction you think is happening when the ozone goes through olive oil. My husband is a Ph D chemist and he says this procedure would not change the ozone. You are breathing in straight ozone. Personally I limit my exposure to electronics that put off ozone for respiratory risk. Could you link us to where you learned that this was a good idea? Also, what kind of doctor is doing this ozone autohemotherapy?


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A great book for the layperson that dispels many of the concerns about ozone is "Flood Your Body with Oxygen" by Ed McCabe. I can assure you that hemoglobin is not oxidized during autohemotherapy. My understanding is that healthy cells have antioxidant enzymes in their cell membranes including superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase. Most microbes do not contain these enzymes so their cells walls are oxidized and they are destroyed. Medical ozone therapy is mainstream medicine in Germany. I have read that the majority of MD's incorporate it into their treatment there. However, the proper therapeutic doses have to be used since too high a concentration would overwhelm these enzymes and cause damage. The doctor I see for my chronic fatigue and who administers the ozone treatments is an MD. There are many benefits of ozone on the body, and a few of the major ones are that it stimulates the immune system, and increases intracellular oxygen levels.

I do agree that nebulizing h202 can be harsh on the lungs, and I generally avoid it, but there are many testimonials online at earthclinic, curezone, etc.. of people that have had success curing lung infections using various h202 protocols (all non-CF as far as I know).

As for the breathing ozone through the ozonated oil, search ozonated oil on google scholar to see several gas chromatography analyses that show the interaction of ozone with the unsaturated fatty acids in the oils. I am not a chemist so I cannot explain these studies, but there is a chemical reaction, and the resulting compound is called an ozonide. Its possible that O2 is the resulting gas I am breathing from the oil, but all I can say is it absolutely has a beneficial impact on reducing lung infection for me.

A few ozone experts you can research online are Dr. Saul Pressman, Dr. Frank Shallenberger, and Dr. Velio Bocci.


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Hi, this was post in 2012. I also want to try it. Do you still use is successfully without any negative experiences