nasal polyps and deviated septum


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I just went to the ENT Dr. on Monday because I've been having obvious signs of polyps. I can't breathe from my nose at all. It sounds like I have a cold because the polyps are blocking my airway. I've had polyps removed at least 3 or 4 times in the past 6 years. Dr. has mentioned they will always grow back even after removed. Just a matter of WHEN. Mine grow back about every one and a half to two years but this time they came back within only a year. I had surgery around this time last year. Dr. said he has the ability to remove polyps in his office but he couldn't do it with me because my nose is too narrow. He said because I've had so many polyps they have actually moved my septum over causing my nose to be narrow. So this time around I need polyps removed AND my septum fixed. Has anyone else had these problems? How is the pain afterwards? It's so frustrating. CF problems are never-ending. You fix one thing and another one decides to surface. Surgery is scheduled for Dec. 11th. I am so uncomfortable. I can't breathe and have terrible sinus headaches. My whole face throbs! I NEVER snore and some nights my poor husband has to sleep on the couch because it's so loud. Can't wait to get some relief. Thanks for listening. Hugs,


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While I can't speak to the reoccurrence of polyps, I did have sinus surgery for polyps and a deviated septum two and a half years ago. It was probably one of the toughest recoveries I've ever had, simply because everything felt worse before it felt better. I couldn't breathe through my nose at all for about a week. I wasn't allowed to blow my nose for, I think, two weeks. It was really frustrating and difficult. All that being said, once recovery was over, I was extremely thankful I had it done. I don't think I realized how hard it was for me to breathe before the surgery because I was used to it. After the surgery and once everything healed, it was so much easier to breathe and I still don't have as bad of sinus infections as before the surgery.


I have had over 20 sinus surgeries, and none in my adult life. For some reason in my teenage years my sinuses decided to drain themselves. I'm not sure what changed physically or chemically. When I was a kid I had sinus surgeries every 6 months till I was about 8 or 9, and then it went once a year till I was about 14. I can definitely relate to your pain. The prednisone ive been on really opens those sinuses up and allows me to breathe and part of the reason it's hard for me to get off of it is the drastic change of sinus pressure and headaches that never end. I can still hardly smell anything though.. it's been like that for awhile. Last ENT I saw was when I was 19, and he said then I probably needed surgery. Sinus surgeries were always rough. An outpatient procedure where the dr put me to sleep, and then 2 weeks of misery.... and then I could smell again like it was the first time I've ever smelled anything. That sensation would last a few months and then back to clogged up.

I consulted my mother about my sinus surgeries because I've had bones removed from my nasal passage before, but wasn't sure how or why.

"People with cf and I also have this surprisingly. Is this. There are 2 sinus cavities above or behind the eye brows or above the eye sockets. Non cf people have normal size. You and I have pea size in comparison so we have less so I to work with. The purpose of removing those bones was to make room so your sinuses in the cheek area could expand greater than the average human. This allowed more room to eventually hold the mucus. It meant less operations over time. So instead of 26 you would have at least doubled that. The bones were very tiny since you were only 4 and would not be missed since your sinuses just grew larger to fill that space. You and I both have a mildly deviated septum but your ent dr said it would not benefit either of us to fix it. So yours fill up with goo and I get left sided sinus infections"

I am not sure how useful this information is to you, but figured I'd share.


Yes, I had a lot of issues with polyps. I had them removed every couple of years starting in grade school. The last time was in late 20s. Not sure if it was my age or not but Flonase seems to have helped keep them in check ever since. I do not have a deviated septum.


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NMW - I researched a little on google and everyone seems to be mentioning how uncomfortable it is afterwards and how it was worse than they thought it was gonna be. Thanks for your input!

Dank - that is some interesting information. May bring that up to my Dr.!

Jet - I do use Flonase but not as often as I should. They are always on my case about it. Should probably listen to them

Thanks Everyone. Hugs,


hi Amber
I had about 6 or 7 sinus surgeries - two of them for a deviated septum (yes, the first time the septum decided to go back in its original place - I was about 22 or so - but I am also not sure if the doc butchered it - was a overall not a good experience in a teaching hospital...) so fast fwd at age 30 I found a great doc and he did it all wonderfully and the septum stayed put where it was meant to be :)
Medical Technology has made HUGE advances so you benefit from smaller tools, smaller absorbent pads etc. In my first surgery I think the doc put about 10 massive tampons in my nose.
I had my last one about 10 years ago (after months of super painful sinus headaches) and was so surprised how I immediately felt the relief when the doc took out a little tiny piece of padding.
So hang in there .. the worst for me was being nauseous and vomiting all the blood that dribbled down during surgery (sorry for being very descriptive) - but once that was out - oh what a wonderful thing to breath again :)
I also used the netipot for careful draining and flushing my sinuses after surgery with saline - ask your doc if they recommend it as you do not want to do it to hard.
It is worth it! Head up - you can do it!
For some odd reason I had all those surgeries between 14 and 39 - then it stopped for no apparent reason (I do flush with salt water every day however ...)

Good luck! You can do it!!!!


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Thank you for your encouragement Stefanie. That's great that you haven't had any recent issues! I really hope my dr. knows what he's doing! I'll be devastated if my nose gets worse. It's already somewhat deformed from my cleft palette. I've seen several episodes of Botched and there are so many patients that come to Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif with botched noses!

My CF and ENT doc recommends doing the daily sinus rinse/washes but I've never tried it. I'm too scared! I have a horrible gag reflux. I'm really trying to work up the courage to do it. ENT dr. says it will help the polyps stay away for a longer period of time and they will not return AS fast.

Amber, the sinus flushes really do make a difference. Of course they don't work once the polyps get so many/so big that they block the passages. It's not horrible, make sure the water is warm for sure. My son starts with just one or two squeezes in each nostril. The netti pots did NOT work for him, took too long and freaked him out a bit. A quick flush seemed to get it over with quicker, like ripping off a bandaid. ugh.

Also the Flonase really does help as well. I can say that often we outgrow the sinus polyps and/or the need for as many surgeries, so there's hope for you still! Mid to late 20's should get easier for you as you go. My son used to get sinus surgeries each year, now about every 5 years (he's 16). Also you may want to ask your ENT surgeon & CF docs about prescribing an oral antibiotic for you to start right as soon as the surgery. With all that buzzing and drilling (also ick) it sprays a lot of the infected crud that can get stuck in sinus cavities about. Some of that drains to the lungs and can cause increase in infections. Talk with your CF team to see if it'd be helpful to be proactive about that.

Good luck!! They're not fun, you do feel cruddy for a few days after too, but then you can BREATHE and even SMELL again. :) HUGS and best wishes!
PS, does your ENT work with a lot of people with CF? Sometimes that can be a benefit if so.


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Treasure- Thank you for the useful information you provided and words of encouragement! I sure do hope it gets easier sooner rather than later. I'm not sure exactly how many CF patients my ENT works with but he definitely isn't "new" to treating those with CF. He definitely has knowledge of all the sinus issues caused by CF. He is great! Surgery is Friday. Can't wait to get it over with. Hugs,


Hi Beautifulsoul,

I hope your surgery goes well. I do not have CF but have some symptoms of CF (both my sons have it.) I am having my third sinus surgery next week. When you are healed look into doing rinses that include budesonide, saline and a few drops of baby shampoo. I also put antibiotics in my rinses sometimes. That really slows down the growth of polyps and inflammation. Of course check this out with your doctor first.