nearest cf facility to Santa Fe?


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Hi, I'm in the UK and haven't travelled long haul since my diagnosis of mycobacterium abscessus. But I'm fairly stable between treatments and have travelled within Europe. My fear is getting an acute chest infection and not being near a facility with the knowledge to treat it aggressively and appropiately. Now I have the opportiunty to travel and stay with a friend in Santa Fe. I'd love to go. Does anyone know about a good pulmonary unit in New Mexico?I'm aware of the altitude but normally run normal sats. Thanks for your help


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I did see on the CFF link there's one in Albuquerque, which is probably an hour or so drive from Santa Fe.

Other options would be Texas or Arizona, though would be a distance. In terms of good myco care, I think Jewish in Denver is one of the top ones. A bit of a haul if driving; however, Denver is a major airport hub.


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New Mexico CF centers

Thanks, that's really helpful and reassuring

Hey UK Traveler!
I live in El Paso, Texas which is about a 4 hour drive from Albuquerque. One time we had occasion to need CF care there. We found the care excellent. My son was a child at that time (about 10 years ago) but since that time I have followed the developments in Albuquerque just because of our interaction with them and it appears to have only improved. I don't know if there is anything in Santa Fe, that you can check on the CFF website.
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Ljberk, thanks so much, that's mega reassuring. Have no done any long haul travel since diagnosis but......go for it!!