Nebulizers - What is right? Does PSI make a difference?


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What it the right nebulizer for airway clearance? We're nebulizing 8+ ml's of fluid and most portables aren't designed for extended use. What is the variable we're looking for? PSI? Volume? particle size? If the answer is "all of the above" then what is right versus convenient? I appreciate that convenience improves compliance.

1) I expect there will be many thumbs up for the eFlow. I've used it, I love it as it is silent and reduces neb time by 70%+.

2) Are any of you using heavy duty, high PSI compressors, such as the Medrise? If so, what do you like about them? This is a very different approach to the eFlow. So what is better?

3) Do any of you use both the compressor and also use the eFlow for a quick convenient shot, such as in the middle of the day at work? If so why both?

3) MD's say there is more to nebbing than PSI. OK I get that. So which is the best nebulizer? Should I spend $350 on 50 PSI compressor.

4) Clearly the "asthma" nebulizers are underkill. I seem to burn through the portable Pari Trek-S every 6 months. What do you think of these piston pump compressors?