Need advice to stay away from hospital

I have a major sinus problem right now. Right now i am having a runny nose and a scratchy throat. When I do a sinus rinse I get a lot of stuff out. I need some new tips to make sure this does not settle in my lungs to where I need to go to the hospital. How do u take care of yourself when u have a head cold of sinus problems and not land yourself in the hospital?


well to keep it simple basicly rest is always good exercising will help the mucus come up and out, it will also make your nose run. Don't know if you do hypertonic saline but that will help. doing your treatment ( nebs and stuff) like usual even more if needed, all this usualy works for me. i caught a soar throat and runny nose a few weeks ago and walking twice a day with a little jog helped me keep the stuff from staying in my lung and the hypertonic saline helps too. I was feeling ok again within a few days. I will add that i ended up in the hospital twice for a week in the past five months after being sick and my fev is at 29% so my lungs are not in the best shape lol. Also the last couple times i got sick i did not do my excercise(aka walk and jog) and well after a couple weeks i had so much mucus in me everything ended up bulding up im my lungs and lets jsut say it got me in the hospital and i was feeling horrible my oxygen level was at 76 not good. I dont post on here often but uh yeah im no proffesional but thats why i do . ps try to keep your apetit normal too you dont wanna loose to much weight.
Thanks for responding! That was great help. Seems like whenever I start to feel well something like my sinuses act up and I go to the hospital. Places like this helps me to get new ideals on my health.


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Sinus rinses up to 3 times day. My doctor also said t add baby soap but I haven't tried it yet. I also take garlic everyday. Garlic is a natural antiviral antibacterial. Since starting it a year ago my counts of psuedo have dropped drastically to the point that even when I was sick they couldn't understand how such a little amount was making me sick. Also I no longer culture MRSA. Also get rid of processed food.


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There is a science fair project from an amazing boy - Fifteen-year-old Rahi Punjabi has had an exciting year. His research on the efficacy of garlic in reducing bacterial infection in patients with cystic fibrosis won him first-place honors at the Massachusetts State High School Science & Engineering Fair in May. Three cheers for the garlic and for the amazing science kids of the future. I know my son will have a wonderful future when I read about amazing kids like this!!!!


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Do you have a link to this article? I would LOVE to read it. I've been trying to tell people how garlic works but noone seems to listen. Our food can "cure" everything we just have to let it.


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I agree with the frequent nasal rinses, hypertonic saline and lung clearance. I also start taking Cold FX anytime I think I'm getting a cold. It seems to work for me.

Unfortunately, I find once I get a cold, I end up with stuff in my lungs which sets me back.