Need some CF friends!!!


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Hey guys,

My name is Megan and I am 24 years old with CF, diagnosed at 6 months. I have one CF friend which I love to death but I feel so lonley still. I absolutly love talking to other CFers and feel the need for it right now, going through some rough patches!! So, I was wondering if anyone wants to make a new friend. Love to talk to anyone!



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I'm Aileen I'm a 17 bit younger but not much I feel the same way at the moment! If you want feel free to add me on Facebook (Aileen Henderson) would be happy to help and talk :)


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My name is Chris (short for Christine) and I'm 24 years old. I was diagnosed at 9 months, but it should've been at birth. I got down to less than 15% FEV1, but then I had a double lung transplant almost three months ago, and God gave me my life back. I'm rocking 85%-90% now! I'd love to listen or talk about all things CF or transplant, I'll send you my Facebook or email info if you private message me. If not, best of luck anyway! <3


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Im Nick. And I'm 24! Im from MI. Diagnosed at birth. I actually have no cf contacts. Ive only ever met one other person with cf, very briefly. My health is decent I'd say, seeing as I still have my own lungs and my fev1 is around 35%. Not good by any means, but im glad I can still self maintain ya know? For those of you doing well with your transplant like Christine, its inspiring for me. I just had an appointment with the tx team a few days ago to get an assessment. I want to keep my own lungs as long as possible because of the tx risks.. but its also inspiring hearing how well a lot of us do post tx. A small part of me is eager to get some "new lungs" and be able to go back to doing a lot of the things I miss. If any of you would like to talk I'd like that. It would be a new experience for me.


I'm a new CF'er to this site but I just wanted you guys to know that I have a blog about my transplant journey. I would appreciate it if you would check it out as I barely made it :)

-Daniela, 18
delta F508


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Hi, my names Sara, I'm 43, am homozygous for f508, diagnosed at 3 months. I have two kids, both were adopted, and have been married 18 years to my HS sweetheart. :) Hanging in around 50% FEV right now.
Hi, Megan! I'm 40, and my FEVs range from 70-90%. I'm just starting up exercising again, and I'm a fiction writer. Diagnosed at birth. Always glad to talk.


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Hey, Megan! I'm Jessica. I am 25 years old and was diagnosed with CF at 1 week old. I've been a lurker on the site for some time now but have never really posted. I have never had a friend with CF. I'm also looking for friends to talk to and share experiences with (especially as I'm growing older with CF). Feel free to add me on facebook!


Hi, Megan! I'm 49, and my FEV1s range from 29 - 36%. I was diagnosed at 3 years old, for lack of weight gain. I have DDf508. Look me up on FB, name is Chuck Morris . Cover page is of clouds and profile pic is me, my mother, son, and grandson. My hobby is christmas light to music. My season is just about to start.


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name is Chuck Morris . Cover page is of clouds and profile pic is me, my mother, son, and grandson. My hobby is christmas light to music. My season is just about to start.

Ok, butting in here, but 1-you have an awesome name! I'm sure you've heard "Chuck NORRIS" from time to time right? And 2-I LOVE Christmas lights coordinated to music! A house around here does this every year and has an AM radio station that you set it to when you pull up--so cool! Can't wait to see the lights this year!


I'm "D", 45, double delF508 Fev 90's, fev1 mid 80's(of course not while I'm sick). I have quite a bit of the odd effects going on. I've turned into a germophobe. LOL
Always willing to talk even if someone needs to "complain" how they feel. Not many can understand. Message me if anyone wants too. Can be found on Facebook too.


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I'm 22 and was diagnosed at birth. I have an older sister with CF too. I'd love to make more CF friends. Just message and I'll give info. :)


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Hey im Rick, 19 years old, Deltaf508 both. Also want contact with other cfers! So u can send me a message on my snapchat: Riick4
Or add me on instagram: Riick4
We can talk from there!

Michael Allison

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Hey I'm Michael. I am 38 and was diagnosed when I was 7 due to nasal polyps. The sweat test was positive. I don't have many lung issues because my primary CFTR is GI related. I have had many bouts of pancreatitis which is no fun. If any have questions about the GI side feel free to message me here or find me on Facebook just send me a message before asking me to add you. Thanks


Hello all! My name is Heather, was diagnosed at age 3, im now 27 just married and trying for a child! Its so nice to find and talk to more people like me!


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hello there. My son is 24 also and has cf. He is having a hard time too now. He wont talk to a counselor and he tried to talk to his friend and they told him to man up and get over it. Maybe you can look him up on facebook and add him and talk to him, maybe he will open up and talk to you. He wont talk to me about it at all. His name is Matthew Feather.Maybe you two can talk to eachother? He was diagnosed at 16.