New Clinic Issues With Admission


I left my old CF Clinic a while back because the great doctor who led the team, and whom I'd known my entire life, left the area. Subsequently, the adult program really left something to be desired there, and the situation became so bad that after months of phone calls and messages they've still not even gotten back to me regarding my medical records. I heard from others who'd been having issues with the adult program there as well, so I doubt it's isolated.

So, here I am working on getting into a new clinic not too far away. The admissions staff seemed helpful at first, and when I apprised them of my situation they said not to worry, just send in the information I do have and they'll take care of it.

The next day the same admissions staff told me that they won't accept my insurance, and therefore I cannot schedule any appointments as a patient. I replied back with more of my information, including the fact that multiple doctors at their clinic, which also includes the very director of the adult CF Program, is in fact listed in my network. The admissions lady today then replied that she can't do anymore for me, since it's the scheduling department's responsibility to accept insurance, and that is that.

Soooo, here I am as a CF patient who's been without a clinic for a long time now, and I've been getting progressively sicker. My Primary Care Physician has done everything he can for me, but my exacerbation which started in 2019 has wrecked me and isn't getting much better if at all. I do my best to stay in shape and take all my meds, but some days I can't even walk up the street without feeling as if a vice is gripping my entire chest (Prior to May of 2019 I was swimming for miles, running, rucking, mountain biking, everything, then some infection I picked up at a poorly maintained pool began to take its toll).

I just can't believe that any CF patient would be tossed aside and treated like an inconvenience as opposed to a patient in need. Nevermind the fact that I have been blessed with top quality insurance, and my buddy who's worked at the hospitals said there is no way it should be denied, in fact, it's even accepted at most places in the world. It's ticked off my friends who've worked in the system, because they can't imagine why it's happening.

Does anyone have similar experiences with getting into a new clinic, and do you have any further recommendations for dealing with this situation? Also, what programs if any would you recommend for the greater D.C./Baltimore Metro areas?

Thanks for any and all help.