New clinic protocol recommeded by Cystic Fibrosis Canada


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As of last Friday, Cystic Fibrosis Canada recommends that the medical personnel gown and glove up to meet with patients to prevent cross contamination.

My clinic has applied the recommendations immediately and I am hoping that this new policy change will be reflected in how nurses handle the care of CF patients when they are in hospital. The CF clinic and the pneumologists have surprisingly little influence on how the pneumology department is run and how care is given. I have personally found the nurses and nurse's aides to be very lax and careless about preventing cross-contamination between CF patients, using the same instruments (cuffs, oxymeters) on us without disinfecting them between patients unless asked to.


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Thanks for sharing -- I hadn't heard about this. I go to the Toronto clinic. They've been using the gowns for a few years now and are very strict about it -- both in clinic and hospital. They generally only wear gloves if they're taking my blood or checking my PICC line. It sounds like that may be changing. My main concern with contamination is the insufficient number of exam rooms. On the busiest clinic day, the waiting room will be crowded with people waiting for a room.


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When you are in the hospital, you can request gloves/gowns etc. Because of my MRSA, they've been covering up for years, and I like it. Granted, they can still transmit bacteria on any area - shoes, especially - but precautions help minimize risk.