New Forums


Our old forums are now being archived and will still be searchable!
This new software has the features you have been asking for: easily upload videos and photos, compatible with iPad and Android devices, latest technology for the web and the software comes with an app making easy to access on your mobile devices
From the app, you can quickly to post to threads and manage the input.
It looks and works similarly to our old forums…
Again, the differences are: easier to post, videos, images, links will work, and a new app for your smart phones.
You asked for it, we are delivering it! Thanks Ennio…for making this possible!
Hope all is well for this hot hot week here in the North East!
Keep cool.
Thanks for all your do for our community.
We have lots of new horizons.


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Very excited to hear this news Jeanne! Ennio is working hard <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border="0"> can't wait for all the new features.


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Nice! We've been behind for a long time so good to see the moving forward. I assume this app is probably Tapatalk...


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I hope this is more than just from here on. I have read some subject topics worthy of more than just forum opinion. I am thinking of "Anybody Got M470V" which was filled with anechdotal information that could be the header of a research project. Please let us know the where how and when details


The crossover is taking usual. We won't know for a while whether all the threads have to be archived (still available but archived) or whether it will be seamless. We are hoping for a seamless forum.


thanks for the good news, but I bearly know how to use these forums ahhhh I'm just to old and cannot even learn to text - washed up / washed out.... Pay57/CF