My grandson is 2 weeks now and his newborn screening bloodwork back as indicator for cystic fibrosis?what does this mean!

He goes in for a sweat test at the end of the month


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It means that certain genetic markers showed up with either being a carrier of cf or having cf. If sweat test numbers come back as high or borderline, then they'll proceed with genetic blood testing to determine what mutations he may have. Newborn screening helps to determine genetic disease prior to symptoms occurring. Nerve wracking to wait... I've known people whose children have the disease and others who end up being carriers (no cf)


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Congrats on your new grandson!
Here is a link to more information about the newborn screening. It's hard to wait for the appointment, but they will be able to tell you the results right away once the sweat test is completed. Its not a harmful or invasive test, although a squirmy baby might not like having their arms held still while the sensors are applied!
We're always here if you have more questions!


Thanks for the information. I am worried . He has his appointment with the University of South Alabama Women and Children's and then an appointment with a pulmonary specialist on July 28. He shows no symptoms right now
There are all different levels of the disease. Even if your grandson has CF, there are lots of ways to treat this and be proactive to keep him as healthy as possible. I would advise having him seen at an accredited CF center, not just the pediatrician.