Night feeds - a couple questions:


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Hi all!

I have 2 questions regarding night feeds for Anna, our 3 year old:

- When do you give enzymes, and if so how many?
- What type of formula/liquid do you have at night? (Anna has Scandishake with a few extra protein/carb powders, but not sure what is the norm)

Any answers welcome..!


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Our twins are on Pertzye. Talk with your dietician- but for their g-tube night feeds we give them double their normal dose of Pertzye at the start. We crush Viokace in the overnight bags to help with the breakdown. Then another single dose of Pertzye when they wake (we have to wait about a half hour so they don't throw up).
They were on Neosure (as they are turning one in two weeks). But they are now switching to Nutren Junior (from Nestle) it is specifically formulated for overnight feeds.
This has been successful for us with the addition of the Viokace!
Hope this helps and good luck. (As always this works with our girls- check with your docs and make sure it is right for you!)


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One other thing. We are switching to Nutren Junior because it is a supplement to feeding and not their primary food. It will only be given through the gtube overnight. For this reason, it is covered by our medical insurance. You may want to call your provider and ask them if the will cover a medically necessary supplement like Nutren (we have Med Mutual). Also, ask them if they can set you up with a pediatric case consultant. OUr girls were given one when they were in the NICU and it has been a life saver. Anytime I have a question about insurance or coverage- I call her direct line and speak with HER ONLY within 24 hours. It saves on the hassle of talking with a bunch of different people who don't know you from Adam. She will also contact providers and set up necessary paper work for me!