oregano caps are they ok


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I take the oregano caps, and they seem to be working for me. When I take them, I notice a bit of heat sensation (like my chest feels a little warm for a couple of minutes), and I cough up a lot of stuff. I felt a little cr*ppy for the first week of taking them, but am feeling really great right now. The caps I take has 150 mg of oil of oregano, and I take one once a day.


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Or at least he thinks so.... Wonder how many miles he trolled around on his bike today?</end quote></div>

Not nearly as many miles as you have "trolled" around this forum.


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Hey, SeanDavis, I know this has probably been asked a while ago. I was wondering what you put the oregano oil in when you neb it? Just asking, b/c I just had a dr appntmt yesterday and he was curious.


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You can neb it with your compressor, or you can use a facial steamer to inhale it.</end quote></div>

Yup, I just neb it with my pari trek compressor and my pari neb, I add about 7 drops of the water soluble stuff to albuterol.