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So I've had my port for a little over a year now. I'm really getting used to it, learning which dressing covers give me an allergic reaction, and things like that. I learned one of the last cycles that the little bio patches are a really bad idea for me, as within hours on placing one, I had broken out horribly. However, I do have a question for others with a port. Every time I access/de access, the port, I get a small bump where the needle was placed. It almost looks like a large pimple. I'm wondering if others have experienced this as well. It's irritating and itches horribly, and takes at least a few days to heal. The last time I used the line for a couple weeks, the bump didn't go away for almost a month.

I'm planning on asking my doctor about this at my next clinic visit, but I also wanted to ask you all.


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Hi nmw,

I also got a little bump after deaccessing after a course of IVs. My was more like a small pimple, but still I think what you are describing. I think it's just granular tissue, and not an issue. I don't have my port anymore (it broke), but I do have several little dots (scars) over where it was.

Still definitely doesn't hurt to ask the doc about it at clinic! :)

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Thanks for your reply. I'm kind of figuring it's all a part of the process, but since I've developed several skin sensitivities over the last year, it doesn't hurt to ask. :)