prednisolone, red cheeks


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My DD was put on oral prednisone a couple of days ago for 5 days. She has been on it quite a few times before (she has a large asthma component to her CF and a pretty reactive airway). This time she has flushed red cheeks. I was reading online and see that this can be a side effect, but I'm curious why it has never happened before. This isn't something I should call the doctor on call about is it (being the weekend)? By the time monday rolls around she will be done with it anyway.


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I'm not 100% but I'm sure it's fine. I did have the flushed red cheeks for the first year or so I was on it. (It's used as a post transplant anti-rejection medication) It's definitely a side effect but I'm unsure why she is experiencing it this time around if she never has before. Keep us posted!

hugs to you