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Still trying to help Josh figure out what insurance to choose.

For the adults, is your pulmonary doctor your primary care physician? If so, who treats your non- cf medical needs?


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DS' is still a teen, but we've always had an infection disease specialist as his primary CF physician then we have a local pediatrician who handles his local needs. One of my friends had a double lung transplant 12 years ago and had has a family practice doctor in town who works well with his cf team in the City.


My CF doctor is my primary care for everything. My insurance wants me to have a regular PCP but I never use him. Everything goes straight to my CF doctor first since my CF is the main cause for everything and needs to be coordinated with my CF meds anyways.


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Technically, no. My PCP is at a family health center. I can go to her for non-CF things. I've been to her to get antidepressants (which now I go to my CF doctor for because of weird interactions with CF meds...), for unexplained pain in my side (which she sent me to the ER for and was a side effect of a pulmonary embolism, so therefore a CF thing), an exacerbation when I couldn't get into CF (wherein she prescribed me a Z-Pack and my CF team almost had a coronary and put me on IVs...), and a couple other random things. She's perfectly nice, but I don't really find her useful because she doesn't have a good understanding of CF. Even when I need fluconazole, I just call my CF clinic because it's nearly always due to something they put me on. So, my pulm ends up being my PCP, which I think is pretty much par for the course. He refers me to psychiatry, gyn, etc.


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I see my CF doctor mostly. However, I have a PCP at my local hospital for non-CF related things such as what that strange looking spot on my skin, and so fourth. My PCP will not hesitate to suggest that I go to my CF clinic if she in anyway thinks it could be related to my CF.


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Technically speaking yes pulmonary is my primary, but for the purposes of book keeping my medicaid card lists a primary that I actually only see once a year for my PAP's