Private Messages


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I know this feature was requested a few times in the past. With the recent upgrades to the forums database we can now enable this feature for all registered users. Here is some information on how you can use it:private Messaging allows users to send each other messages that can only be read by the recipient. This feature is managed and viewed in an area separate from the forums. To enter the private message center, click on the Private Message icon <img src=""> on the top of the forums. <b>I. Sending</b>To send a private message, type in the recipients name beside 'Send a Private Message to' and press 'Send Message'. You'll then be brought to the Private Message User screen which you'll type in your message and press 'Send Private Message'. A private message can also be sent from each registered users post by clicking on <img src=""> icon in any thread.<b>II. Receiving</b>To recognize when you have new private messages, the padlock icon <img src=""> will flash red and orange <img src="">.The text beside the icon will also alert you to how many new private messages you have received. <b>III. Viewing</b>To view private messages, click on the Private Message icon <img src=""> and your new private messages will be displayed, along with the date and the name of the sender. Click on the 'Read' icon <img src=""> corresponding to the message you want to read. <b>IV. View History</b>When messages have been read, they are transferred into the Private Message User History. Search for the sender's name using the alphabet listing. These messages can be viewed by clicking on the 'View' icon <img src="">.<b>VI. Deleting</b>To delete Private Messages, view Message History and search for a sender. When you have the history listing of that sender, you can delete each individual message, or click 'Select All' then 'Delete', which will delete the history associated with that sender. <b>VII. Search</b>To search your private messages, simply type in a keyword and press 'Search'. <b>VIII. Add Buddy</b>If you have enabled Buddy List in the Profile area, then you can add Buddy's to your list here. Once added, they will appear in a floating window, "The Buddy List".