Reaction to Bactrum - Alternative suggestions?


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Hello everyone,

Wondering if anyone can help please.

My friend (47) was diagnosed quite late with CF about 7 years ago and like many has had a long term psuedomonas respiratory infection.
She has been on Bactrum for several years fairly successfully, but it is starting to cause severe reactions, including joint
swelling and mouth ulcers, in the levels required to keep the bacteria at bay. The hospital has done sensitivity testing to
try and find an alternative, but nothing except bactrum has shown any response.

Can anyone suggest another or combo of meds that she may be able to try.
Her lung function is around 50%.



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If "the hospital has done sensitivity testing to try and find an alternative, but nothing except bactrum has shown any response", then you have answered your own question. A one month "vacation" from bactrum may help her.



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Just from my experience each time I received bactrim the side effects were worse. Mine were severe lung inflammation and coughing up blood ,anxiety. From what I've read it was called drug- induced lung disease. CF doc put me on steroids and in about a month the inflammation got better.


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Last time I was on bactrim they had to take me off because of kidney function problems that went away after I stopped. I was on fortaz, coliston, and the bactrim. Then they switched it to doxycyclin, but obviously it all depends on your friend's sensitivities and whatnot.


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Thanks Bill, unforunatley completely stopping is not possible until they find something that will work.
Usually they only do sensitivity with the major Antibiotic, so I am hoping one or more of the lesser
used?known ones mught work Appreciate your comments though.


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Hi Regina, that sounds really severe, glad you are not experiencing those symptoms anymore.
Will suggest steroids to my friend. Thanks for the advice.


I as well hv been on Bactrum for years, I forget how long we take a break here and there or I shd say I take a break usually the month of July or August. Sometime in 2013 we switched to Doxycyclin for abt 1 year. I had my first pantrectic attack 2014. I was PS all my life? was it the drug ? I say good possibility. Did I read the side effects... NO... had second attack this Jan. so now I am considered PI and use enzymes before each meal. It's almost l like playing Russian roulette with these meds. I've also lost 30-35% of my hearing due to inhaling Tobi before it was approved for inhalation. and Gentamicin in the late 90's I've used hearing aids now for over 10yrs. had no idea was losing my hearing till I kept saying WHAT all the time or answering a question with a answer that did not relate. Did I read the side effects NO did it kill the bacteria yes. I just turned 60 last Dec. I hv to admit honestly I still do not read the side effects of certain meds. It's gotten to be like the commericals on TV that hv a drug for every possible ache or pain till they start saying the side effects, then you think do I really want to use that.??? Good Luck I hope yr friend finds something that will work.


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Doxy and steriods or cipro and steriods but still ask doctor if that is option I cant take doxy make me wqnt to vomit but on and off steriods really helps me


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Thanks windex125, I can see that taking a break is something that is part of the treatment fo rmany people, your right it is a bit like Russian roulette!!
Best of luck to you.