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does anyone here rollerblade for exercise...I used to do it a lot but then stopped and grew out of my rollerblades. I'm not sure whether it will be worth it to invest in a new pair or whether I'd be better off doing something a little easier. Also...anyone here do pilates? I know it's not cardio (and it's more of a girl thing), but I find it really helps build muscle and strength without getting me out of breath so quickly.erin (ej820)19/f/cf


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If you have a good place to skate, Rollerblading can be a really great way to exercise, (providing you dont break a wrist, of course). It can be low impact or high impact and as opposed to jogging can be easy on the joints. Also, it can be a great deal cheaper than getting into cycling. Generally, I endorse anything outdoors that can get me to suck fresh air. Have fun.


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pilates...yeah, it's kind of like yoga, but you use weights. It's more geared for toning muscles than it is for relaxation like yoga. It's also a little easier for women to do than men because of the flexibility.