Rude Hospital Nurses


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I have read and reread the Code of Conduct, It does not say anything about supporting other members. It does say to respect others opinions. It does say, refrain from verbal attacks. As you said, its ok because I can handle it.



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Of course we all choose for ourselves what to read here and who we will choose to support.

And yes, my reference was to refraining from personal attacks. Your first post expressed an opinion in favor of the nurse, which I never said anything about. (Of course, Murgie was 100% within her rights to reply to this and expound on it.) My post was in reference to your words later directed toward her... parts that had nothing to do with supporting the nurses etc, but which were simply meant to be sarcastic and as a put-down to her.

Now, for the most part you and I do just fine. I dislike sugarcoating. I prefer direct discussion and would hope I come across open minded and as one who wants to be informed. In this case, I felt the need to say something having been in Murgie's place bedside sick with worry over her child- as well as feeling that she'd been treated unkindly (vs just having been disagreed with- there is a difference.)


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We will ALWAYS be ok with each other.

My second post had two things in mind. First she called me a bully. Second I was pointing out, based upon her history, that perhaps no hospital could meet her standards of COMPASSION & ATTENTION. Yes it was sarcastic but i refrainded from calling her anything that would question her honesty.


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Murgie, first I hope your son is well & over this latest 'bump in the road'.
Second, I've been hospitalized more times than I care to remember. I was not hospitalized from age 2 to age 32. I was very fortunate.
Since then, I have realized that nurses can make or break a hospital.
We have way more contact with nurses than any doctors. I've been extremely fortunate in that realm; with the exception of a few 'clinkers', we've had the best staff on the planet in my humble opinion.
What is the likelihood of Sam going to a regular hospital & not a pediatric hospital?
At age 15 the child is usually pretty much independent & assuming responsibility for his own care.
I will in no way make excuses for the nurse that was so rude to you. That is very uncalled for. You have every right to be pissed; I sure would have been.
I think I would just tell the nursing supervisor that the nurse in question is no longer welcome in Sam's room. I have personally banned a few nurses/pulmonary techs in my time.
Best of luck to Sam & you both.
Take care, 'Pat'.


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I just wanted to bring this post up top. I haven't heard from any Moms who would wait the 40 minutes like Murgie did. Or maybe someone missed out on attacking me.


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Why certain members on this forum would not want to support those of us who have a child(dren) or actually those living with this disease is beyond me. I thought that is what this website is for not to dismiss what someone is saying if you werent in the room in this situation. We dont know why she waited 40 mins, maybe the time went by faster than she thought and she knew the nurse was busy with other patients, or maybe her son wasnt sarving right then. I believe if you read a post and you cant support the person who posted it or you feel you cant say something nice or helpful dont take the time to post your comments. I believe most of us were told ~if you cant say anything nice than dont say anything at all. Just a thought...


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I have waited well over 40 minutes for things in a hospital before...and yes, I was pushing the call button every 5 min and sending my husband down to the nurses station. Most of us do understand that we are not the nurse's only patient...and by no means did I interpret that Murgie suggested her son was *the most important or in *the most pain. She simply stated/implied that she felt the nurse had an attitude towards her/her son and was coming across in a rude fashion (thus, coming here for comfort and support). A nurse is a professional and we are paying them for their services. By no means do you have to keep a nurse that you are uncomfortable with. Hospitals have patient advocates that are typically wonderful at helping resolve a situation, or you can ask the nurse/floor supervisor for another nurse with more experience in handling both pulmonary AND Diabetes.

I am sure the nurse had a reason for being rude (possibly even unknowingly provoked), but she is the professional and is in the wrong for having any type of poor attitude towards a patient. If the nurse is upset, frusterated, or simply having a bad needs to be checked at the door period. Anyone in any type of customer service can tell you this.

I personally would have confronted the nurse myself (kill em' with kindness attitude) and had some sort of sarcastic response to let her know that what was said is unacceptable. I then would sh*t my bed and make her day fifty million times worse that it already was (Juuuuuuust kidding)!

Murgie, I sure hope your son is feeling better and your experience at that hospital improved during his stay. Get some rest for you, too. Your son needs you at YOUR best!!


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Ask to Speak to the Head/ Floor Nurse , Explain to her what is going on and DEMAND a New/Better Nurse for Your Son..
It will work, I have done it more than once... Plus is makes the Rude Nurse look bad in the eye's of the other Nurse's
This may make her change her ways..


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I think that it is obvious that the original poster is no longer with us anymore. I think everyone would show a lot of class to let this thread die.


I have been in the medical field for 18 years now. My son has been in the Children's Hospital in Dallas about 6 times and one of those times he was getting the G-tube put in and we had very little patience as it was a little over a 2 week stay.
Sometimes nurses have bad days the same as me and you. However, I am on your side here. There is a time and place to vent your frustrations (speaking about the nurse) and a little to you. Don't redicule the nurse too much in front of your child. I know it may be hard for you to do. But kids age 15, my son is 16, love to feed off of that anger and negativity. Your child may not comply with some of the (nicer nurses) may ask, assuming that all healthcare workers are just mean.
I am speaking from experience here. My wife has very loose lips and little patience when it comes to our son. She grew up with a older sister that had CF that past away at age of 27 and now our son just 11 years younger than when she passed can go into the hospital any day if we are not on top of things daily. My wife loves to say whats on her mind in front of my son, and my son cheers her on. When some of the very nice nurses came into the room just to check on my son, he was rude with them. I had to tell him that not all nurses and doctors are rude and condesending.
I would speak to the nurse outside the door or her supervisor.