Should I request a new sweat test?


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Hello! I’m wondering if anyone would be able to guide me in the direction I should go regarding my son and a sweat test that was done back in 2009? My son initially had a sweat test done at an accredited center due to chronic sinusitis and a drop on his growth curve. His pediatrician thought it was unlikely he would have it and said they would call if it was positive. He had his tonsils and adenoids removed shortly after the testing..he was already scheduled to have them removed. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I was seeing a specialist for myself. He entered me and my kiddos into the online chart system. When I came I home I looked through all of my kids lab tests out of curiosity and found my sons sweat test. I was shocked to see it was positive at 65 and that they said it needed to be rechecked. I had no clue about this. Should I take him in and ask ped to recheck it? He is overall healthy..2 cases of pneumonia in almost 14 years and the sinus issues are pretty much improved. He has been followed the last year for some slow growth...mainly height though. My other children have all had sweat tests done for various reasons as well. No positive tests with them. Thanks for your input. 😊


Yes I would have him retested. I was diagnosed at 7 but never showed any real issues until my teenage years.


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I agree. Have him tested. Especially if his sweat tests were different from his siblings.


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Yes I would have your son retested. My son was first misdiagnosed then retested and was positive. His pediatrician did the first test locally but I wasnt convinced and went to Childrens hospital and he was diagnosed from there, we were then sent to cf center. My son is 33 and doing well, has very little problems but is watched closely. Is on Kalydeco and other meds. If your son has it, being under the watchful eye of CF doctors will keep his health on track.