Sinus Headaches


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I wake up with a sinus headache (always on the right side of my head, sometimes on both sides) almost every morning. I sleep mostly on my right side. I have tried to sleep more on my left to even out drainage, but it doesn't seem to help the congestion I wake up with. I blow my nose for a good hour after waking up. (BLOW) The snot is always clear (thankfully). When I am awake and not congested, I cannot blow air through my right ear like I can on my left. I have tried sleeping propped up to aid in proper draining, but when I wake up in the morning I have just thrown pillows everywhere and am laying flat.

I am concerned that there is something wrong with how my sinuses drain on the right side. I don't know if this would cause issues later in life.

Should I talk to my doctor about it? Are there any nasal rinses that people recommend (they must be safe for pregnant women)?

Note: I have the deltaF508 and R117H mutations with little to no CF symptoms.