If i am going to exercise i might as well have fun while i am doing it. I use to play baseball until high school when the started cutting people. My CF made me not do as good as all the other players so as you probally already guessed i was cut. So now i started to skateboard. I am not really good at it but i try my hardest. Nobody can prevent me from skateboarding because I have CF.<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border="0">


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Keep skating! I used to skate so much when I was a I'm afraid I'd break something so I don't do it. I still snowboard though and love it.Who's your favorite skater?rock n roll,emily23


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Longboard skateboarding is on the top of my current list of things I'm loving. It's not terribly trick heavy, (although I suppose the real trick is finding roads where traffic isn't an issue), just a lot of hoofing it up hills and carving or bombing down. I find it is very much like snowboarding, except for the lack of winter jackets and chair lifts.