Speed Bump

So you know the saying, "I live life in the fast lane, but my wife is a speed bump?" That is my husband and I. Today my husband said that he still loves me, but he doesn't like being around me anymore. Now before you get mad at him, understand what he's feeling.
We have been married for 20 years. This year we moved so we can be close to a transplant center since my lung function is 30%. I never have the energy to do anything fun and am getting sick more and more frequently. I have had 63 episodes of hemoptysis over the last year, coughing up about a cup each time (I measured.) It seems like every other month I am in the hospital.
I am looking for activities that will make our marriage more fun and still be within my energy limits. Or advice. Please understand that I love my husband and want to make our marriage work, and we also have two boys (14 and 10).
Oh sweetie I’m sorry. I don’t have any advice other than maybe start playing board games & card games as a family or just you & your husband. Something outside the norm of electronics can bring people together or make new memories.